Firewall Settings

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An overview of firewall settings required for your copy of VCC Live® Desk to communicate seamlessly with our servers.

Table of Contents


source destination(1) port protocol
any data center IP range 443/TCP HTTPS
any data center IP range 5060/TCP, UDP SIP(2)
any data center IP range 5061/TCP SIP-TLS(3)
any data center IP range 10000-20000/UDP RTP / SRTP

(1) Use a data center IP range.
(2) Unsecured SIP communication, use a SIP-TLS instead.
(3) If you use a restricted VoIP connection, the 5061 TCP connections need to be opened.

Data Center IP Ranges

data center IP range

Example of using hu1 hosting

source destination port
any 443/TCP
any 5060/TCP, UDP
any 5061/TCP
any 10000-20000/UDP

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