Combining powerful BI with contact center software for next-level sales performance

Custom BI dashboard

capturing sales in real time

3,700 sales

per month

2,000 hours talk time

per month

Read how BPO firm Effective Communication partnered with VCC Live to acquire a purpose-built reporting approach fueled by outbound tools.

Effective Communication is a Sweden-based BPO firm specialized in the delivery of sales through its 300 employees.

The company was using multiple programs to meet its sales and reporting goals, but felt there was an opportunity to attain a more unified approach through one integrated platform. This led to the development of a solution that would ultimately combine VCC Live’s contact center software with a world-leading BI reporting tool to meet Effective’s precise needs.

Identifying the ingredients

Given the variety of the company’s sales campaigns for a number of Swedish businesses, Effective Communication wanted to better manage and track its sales data. The firm wanted the ability to easily examine analytics – both in real time and historically – across client campaigns, agents, and products sold.

This agile and customizable reporting would benefit multiple levels of the business; from enabling supervisors to quickly identify areas for improvement, to giving senior management a continuously up-to-date and holistic snapshot of sales numbers.

Regards the channels used for its sales activities, these were both voice and SMS. While the voice solution would be used to power the majority of its outbound sales, the SMS solution was more niche in that it would be used by customers to confirm sales and, therefore, would require inbound SMS handling.

Lastly, Effective supplemented its existing sales approach with an array of other programs. These included applications such as a specific CRM and a sales gamification tool to boost agent performance.

Effective was managing all of the above through a number of programs. Understanding that this could be potentially streamlined and managed via a single platform, the firm approached VCC Live for the solution.

Building a solution to fit

While providing Effective Communication with the channels and integrations needed for managing their sales activities would be straightforward, the creation of unique and extensive business intelligence (BI) reporting would require a more calculated solution.

Following an on-site meeting with VCC Live at Effective’s Barcelona office, clear goals for the BI dashboard were established. The aims for the new dashboard were to:

  • flexibly present sales figures in any desired format (e.g. based on specific time periods or projects)
  • be adaptable for viewers to present most interested metrics 
  • include automated commission calculation based on weighted tiers
  • have strict user access rights in place
  • be accessible from all browsers and mobile devices
  • sync with call center performance data from VCC Live

While each of these requirements represent important points for Effective, the most critical factor was perhaps best represented by one of the company’s senior executives: “I want to know exactly how much money we’re making at any given moment.”

To achieve this, VCC Live leveraged its native integration with Looker Studio. Google’s flagship BI tool helps users explore and visualize data from multiple sources. Also, through wide-scale data synchronization, any third-party systems or databases can be easily incorporated into a total reporting approach.

Leveling up performance and awareness

Following the development of a new, all-in-one BI reporting tool – incorporated with the contact center platform – Effective Communication had its new total solution in place.

The fully integrated solution enables the firm’s 60-strong sales team to conduct extensive outreach on behalf of client accounts, while every single sale is continuously tracked in a comprehensive dashboard that was purpose-built for Effective’s unique goals.

Solution development, implementation and onboarding only took a few short weeks. In the months that followed, Effective continuously grew its sales performance using VCC Live’s contact center platform to achieve an average of 3,700 sales and over 2,000 hours active talk time per month; equating to 62 sales per agent every month.

“Although we’re a relatively new client of VCC Live, it’s already obvious that the company’s BI capabilities – along with their powerful contact center platform – are a big step forward for us. They’ve helped us to build an all-in-one dashboard that’s precisely aligned with our strategic goals. The level of attentiveness from the customer success team to meet our specific needs has been hugely impressive.”

David Habtemikael

- Founder, Effective Communication

Given the solution’s success and a high-level of client satisfaction, VCC Live and Effective Communication are now working together to expand the solution to all areas of the business.