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With VCC Live, BPOs have a complete tool to manage the full spectrum of their outbound and inbound activities. Deliver exceptional customer service, boost your outbound sales performance, and accelerate your collections – all with a fully scalable platform that’s swift to implement and easy to use.


The three new pillars of BPO-client partnership success

By 2030, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is projected to reach a global market size of $525 billion – propelling itself to over double its current value in 2022. While the prospect of capitalizing on this growth is enticing for all service providers, a BPO’s success hinges on its ability to adapt and evolve its client partnership model.

In this eBook, we use the latest industry research to identify and explore the three most important factors that we feel will be critical to the success of future BPO-client partnerships.

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6 things your BPO contact center software should do

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    1. Keep clients happy

    BPO clients are renowned for always wanting more. Equip yourself with the features and channels to keep clients delighted.

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    2. Prepare you for all

    A BPO’s scope of work is often diverse. Boost your service offering with more solutions than ever before to meet any requirements.

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    3. Empower your agents

    The BPO industry faces up to 60% agent attrition. Make their lives easier with cloud-based software that they can use anywhere.

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    4. Scale when needed

    BPO projects have a tendency to fluctuate. A fully customizable contact center platform helps you swiftly adapt to any circumstance.

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    5. Afford total visibility

    Ensuring transparency is a key BPO challenge. Adopt real-time monitoring tools and a suite of quality management features.

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    6. Keep pricing simple

    BPOs need to be flexible to meet demands and CCaaS costs should follow suit. Cost-per-seat pricing keeps everything straightforward.

Enabling new capabilities and cost savings for SYKES

VCC Live serves as an integral part of multinational BPO SYKES’ partnership with telecom giant, Huawei. Providing a platform for non-voice, customer & IT support across 21 countries, we’ve helped SYKES to:

  • implement a new solution in just one month
  • introduce a swift-resolution ticketing system
  • automate customer emails with workflows
  • drive customer engagement via Huawei’s Facebook
  • achieve a 3x cost saving per agent license

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Some of our other BPO partnerships:

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/640px-Teleperformance_logo-e1667907652605.png

    IT and billing support platform handling all queries for their telecom client’s 4+ million customer base across Turkey.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/m-grupa-e1667907663573.png

    Cloud contact center software delivering customer support for some of its biggest clients, including Nestlé, eMAG, and A1.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/communikom-logo-e1667907670243.jpg

    Sales and customer service platform for its financial services and insurance clients across Germany.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/city-connect-logo-new-1-e1667907677680.png

    Inbound customer support software for key client E.ON – including an over-the-phone utilities meter-reading function built by VCC.

A platform to meet your BPO’s scope of work

Our contact center software is purpose-built for teams to deliver, no matter the project

  • Customer service

    Orchestrate an exceptional customer
    journey with multichannel, IVR,
    and skill-based routing.

  • Telemarketing

    Ramp up agent productivity with
    advanced dialers, voicemail
    detection, and live dashboards.

  • Debt collection

    Recover like never before with
    predictive dialer, phone payments,
    and real-time collection data.

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