Automate your outbound voice campaigns with outbound IVR

Make huge volumes of calls without agents, personalize your messages, and even include IVR menus to encourage customer interaction.

Take call volumes to higher levels

  • Boundless contact

    With unlimited IVR levels, you can run your voice campaigns to any volume of customers for maximum outreach.

  • Automate outreach

    Simply upload your contact list and conduct outbound calls without any agent involvement to supercharge your outbound.

  • Personalize messages

    Create personalized voice messages or sync with customer data to make automated calls as engaging as possible.

  • Run without IT

    Build campaigns and make changes to your campaign on the fly without the need for any IT knowledge or skills.

  • Drive interaction

    Use a straightforward, drag-and-drop approach to building IVR menus to encourage customer actions.

  • Diversify channels

    Take your outbound IVR campaigns beyond voice by combining them with automated email and SMS follow-ups.

How outbound IVR works

Outbound IVR (OIVR) is an automated dialing mode that can conduct outbound voice campaigns without the need for an agent.

OIVR can be used for a number of reasons, including playing pre-recorded voice messages, providing personalized notifications, and conducting surveys. It can also encourage customers to interact or join inbound queues via IVR keypad options.

The system can make several simultaneous calls at once. This means you can contact a far higher number of customers compared to a handful of real agents. You can also automate personalized, follow-up SMS or email messages.

Our system gives you full control over your OIVR settings. You can tweak any parameters such as simultaneous calls, dialing time, process transfers, and active hours.

What’s more, you always have complete awareness over your OIVR campaign performance through our call detail record (CDR) log and real-time monitoring.

Easily set up your campaign in three steps

Upload the pre-recorded voice file to be used in your outbound IVR campaign. This will be the automated message customers hear on answering the call.

Give your customers options via their telephone keypad. Assign any desired action to corresponding keypad numbers using a simple, drag-and-drop system.

You can easily designate when you want your outbound IVR campaign to be active. Simply select the chosen days and time of your outreach.

How outbound IVR supports your teams

  • Empower support

    Automate several forms of customer communications including updates, surveys, or personalized account info.

  • Transform sales

    Massively expand your reach to new customer audiences to raise awareness of products and services.

  • Boost collections

    Routinely contact debtors to inform them of their balances and overdue payments, and encourage resolutions.

Explore our other features



    Easily build IVR menus and enable customers to navigate their calls to right agent agents.



    Achieve an uninterrupted stream of successfully connected calls and boost talk time.



    Accurately detect voicemail messages to maximize call time and productivity.



    Conduct secure, over-the-phone transactions to speed up customer payments.



    Gain total, real-time insight into activities and fill your dashboard with custom KPIs.


    Automatic call distribution

    Assign callers to the right agents to optimize queues and keep customers happy.

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