Case study

Handling a Wide Range of Customer Service Activities with One Cloud-Based Solution

Having started its operations in 2001, Provident has since become one of the best-known loan companies in Hungary, offering personal loans to citizens. The company builds on excellent customer experience, serving more than 220.000 customers with the help of their dedicated team of 2000 employees.


Provident’s customer service team handles a wide range of customer activities, including inbound sales & service, telesales, debt collection, and complaint management. However, they were relying on several, outdated on-premise solutions, with their agents having to navigate around different systems, resulting in reduced productivity.

In particular, although telesales and debt collection activities are an important part of Provident’s operations, the company was partly using a manual dialer, meaning their agents needed to manually call back customers who contacted the company online – again resulting in decreased efficiency.

Furthermore, Provident handles both incoming and outgoing customer queries, and therefore their call center team often experiences peak times. With these periods occurring at different times, depending on the nature of their activities and campaigns, Provident was struggling to effectively allocate their resources.

Last but not least, with more than 220.000 customers, constantly being available to customers is of utmost importance for Provident. However, as the company was relying on on-premise solutions, it took a significant amount of time to switch to backup operations if an unexpected situation, such as a power outage or downtime, occurred.


After realizing they needed to modernize their call center processes, Provident decided to migrate their operations to the cloud and look for a new solution that would allow them to use a wide range of features on the same platform.

VCC Live’s user-friendly and highly-customizable solution offered Provident the advanced functions they were searching for, living up to the expectations of the company’s multi-activity call center.

As Provident normally initiates huge numbers of outgoing calls on a daily basis, they needed a dialer that would allow them to increase the level of agent activity and reach the maximum number of customers. VCC Live’s predictive dialer proved to be perfect for Provident, allowing them to easily fine-tune their needs for each of their campaigns.

“One major advantage of VCC Live is that it’s not only easy to use but also easy to customize. The predictive dialer can be fine-tuned with only a few clicks, we can easily create our own IVR trees from scratch, and even add new menus later without having to rely on the IT department.”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident

Another VCC feature Provident greatly benefits from is call blending, which enables agents to easily switch between activities without having to navigate between different systems. For example, an agent can simultaneously initiate calls using a predictive dialer and then switch to another campaign to handle incoming calls.

Provident also started to leverage VCC Live’s unique over-the-phone payment solution, VCC Live Pay, in order to be able to offer an alternative digital channel for customers to settle their debts.


Thanks to VCC Live’s solution, Provident has managed to modernize their processes, utilizing a more cost-effective solution that also allows them to significantly speed up their operations and increase their agent activity.

“With our previous on-premise solution, we needed to hire an engineer who was responsible for the maintenance of the system. With VCC Live, however, we can save on this cost, as the system is so easy to use that even if we need to change some settings, we can do it ourselves without involving a third party. Furthermore, as we moved our operations to the Cloud, we were able to stop using some of our physical equipment, such as wired phones, which also helped us modernize our processes and reduce some of our costs.”

Viktor Funtek

- Senior System Analyst, Provident

With the help of the call blending function, Provident can now better allocate their resources between campaigns, while the predictive dialer helps the company reach the maximum number of potential customers.

“After we had started to use the predictive dialer, we almost immediately saw a 5% increase in agent productivity, which we have been able to further increase since then.”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident

VCC Live’s unique over-the-phone payment solution, VCC Pay, has helped the company to increase their collection rates by offering an alternative digital channel to debtors. VCC Pay has, without doubt, improved the company’s customer experience: if a debtor forgets to settle their outstanding debts, agents can simply reach out via the phone and offer them the opportunity to pay during the subsequent call, making the process much easier and faster for customers.

The Benefits of Cloud with VCC Live

“VCC Live’s cloud solution opened up many new possibilities for Provident and definitely paved the way for the adoption of cloud-based applications in the future, both in our Hungarian and international operations.”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident

Provident has ensured their business continuity with VCC Live by setting up a secondary site in Szeged with 30 operators in less than 3 months. Thanks to VCC Live’s cloud environment, both the Budapest and Szeged sites can operate as recovery sites, meaning that if one is affected by downtime, operators at the other site can immediately take over the affected site’s processes.

“Offering a cloud solution that meets all the security expectations of a personal loan company has definitely been challenging, but thanks to the great cooperation between the teams, everything went smoothly and we managed to provide Provident with a solution that offers a secure cloud environment while supporting the company’s wide range of customer service activities.”

János Piskolti

- Key Account Manager, VCC Live

The current pandemic has affected most industries and businesses, and Provident, as a huge global loan company, is no exception. For Provident, the coronavirus situation proved that choosing a cloud-based application could actually make or break a business.

“We needed to quickly switch our 3000 employees to a remote working environment, but thanks to VCC Live’s cloud-based solution the process went very smoothly, from one day to the next,” recalled Domján. “Our call center agents were able to easily continue handling customer queries from home, we only needed to allocate them laptops and make sure that everyone had a secure internet connection, wherever they were working. It was as simple as that!”