Evolving Provident’s multi-activity contact center through a host of intelligent features


Resource management

significantly improved

Numerous features added

to modernize setup

Agent productivity

immediately increased

Learn how leading loan company, Provident, completely modernized their contact center setup with VCC Live and benefited from a host of improvements as a result.

One of the best-known loan companies in Hungary, Provident provides loans to more than 220,000 customers and has over 2,000 employees.

The firm has a multi-activity contact center where agents need to conduct a variety of duties and the existing, on–premise setup was hindering both performance and growth.

Limited by an outdated system

Provident’s customer service team handles a wide range of customer activities, including inbound queries, telesales, debt collection, and complaint management. However, their contact center operations relied on several, uncoordinated on-premise solutions which had huge impacts on agent productivity.

The inefficiencies of their incumbent system included:

  • Ineffective, manual dialing wasting up to 30 seconds per call
  • Unable to handle high call volumes as teams dealt with both inbound and outbound calls which frequently fluctuated
  • Frequent system downtime e.g. due to power outages
  • Agents unable to work from home due to an on-premise system

Evolving through our contact center solution

Provident wanted to migrate to a cloud-based solution that included a host of features to ramp up their contact center capabilities. VCC Live was the firm’s preferred choice because of four key reasons:

Provident wanted to migrate to a cloud-based solution that included a host of features to ramp up their contact center capabilities. VCC Live was the firm’s preferred choice because of four key reasons:

  • The predictive dialer feature was pivotal for Provident as no manual dialing is required and active talk time can reach up to 49 mins per hour – far surpassing previous levels
  • With a multi-activity contact center – Provident saw huge use potential for several other relevant features included as part of our solution – e.g. interactive voice response (IVR), voicemail detection, real-time KPI dashboard, and VCC Live Pay (secure over-the-phone payment function) 
  • To remove a longstanding burden for their agents conducting several tasks, the platform’s ability to instantly switch between functions was a must-have as they can swiftly change from predictive dialer to handling inbound customer calls

Lastly, as the migration to VCC Live’s platform would be significant, Provident valued the fully customizable aspect of our software and that it can be easily self-managed in a completely user-friendly way

“One major advantage of VCC Live is that it’s not only easy to use but also easy to customize. The predictive dialer can be fine-tuned with only a few clicks, we can easily create our own IVR trees from scratch, and even add new menus later without having to rely on the IT department.”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident

Driving improvements across the business

Following continual account management reviews, we’ve learned that Provident has completely modernized their processes with a more cost-effective solution that allowed them to speed up activity and boost agent productivity. 

A big achievement was the growth of outreach capability through using our predictive dialer function and also diminishing unnecessary agent work. In combination with VCC Live Pay, the firm also saw their debt collection rates increase and customer experience improve by offering a simpler payment option.

“After we had started to use the predictive dialer, we almost immediately saw a 5% increase in agent productivity, which we have been able to further increase since then.”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident

Provident has significantly improved resource management through enabling an agile workforce that can instantly switch between activities when required. They also set up a secondary site in Szeged, Hungary, in less than three months – with the agility and scalability of our solution being a key factor in achieving this.

“With our previous on-premise solution, we needed to hire an engineer who was responsible for the maintenance of the system. With VCC Live, however, we can save on this cost, as the system is so easy to use that even if we need to change some settings, we can do it ourselves without involving a third party. Furthermore, as we moved our operations to the Cloud, we were able to stop using some of our physical equipment, such as wired phones, which also helped us modernize our processes and reduce some of our costs.”

Viktor Funtek

- Senior System Analyst, Provident

Finally, our cloud-based platform enabled full remote working during the pandemic, allowing agents to work from anywhere.

“We needed to quickly switch our 2,000 employees to a remote working environment, but thanks to VCC Live’s cloud-based solution the process went very smoothly, from one day to the next. Our call center agents were able to easily continue handling customer queries from home, we only needed to allocate them laptops and make sure that everyone had a secure internet connection, wherever they were working. It really was as simple as that!”

Attila Domján

- Planning and Forecasting Manager, Provident