Helping Decathlon reach new levels in customer call management

Averaging 13k calls

handled per month

92% of calls

handled within SLA

New features boosting

customer experience

Read how Decathlon switched from an unreliable call management system to VCC Live’s cloud contact center solution resulting in new highs for customer service, connectivity, and call handling efficiency.

One of the largest retailers of sporting goods in the world, Decathlon operates in over 60 countries and has in the region of 100,000 employees.

VCC Live’s cloud contact center solution replaced the company’s hard-phone system to ramp up customer call handling capabilities and exceed SLA targets.

Switching from an unreliable system

Decathlon’s desire to change their call management system stemmed from problems they faced with the incumbent setup. Their on-premise solution only allowed for basic call handling and they encountered issues with its rigid inflexibility and patchy connection. As a leading global brand with a huge customer base, it was clear that change needed to happen.

VCC Live supported Decathlon’s transition to our cloud-based contact center software to better handle inbound customer calls and improve both customer and agent experience.

Features boosting efficiency and connectivity

Working closely with Decathlon to fully understand their requirements, VCC Live swiftly implemented its contact center software to quickly level up the company’s inbound call handling capabilities. This meant agents could efficiently handle high volumes of customer calls without encountering any issues around call quality.

To evolve Decathlon’s call management processes further, we helped them set up three key features that are included within our software:

  • Customizable IVR system for increased call handling efficiency. Customers can now use their telephone keypad to self-navigate their call without agent intervention. Decathlon’s IVR menu options include inventory, store opening hours, order status, cancellations, and transfer to live agent. 
  • CRM integration handling over 700k customer records. The company’s previous system required agents to manually look up customer records via a different application. However, now, as soon as the agent receives a call from an existing customer, their interface is instantly populated with the customer’s data which they can update during the call.
  • Built-in phonebook for swift transfer between agents, stores, and back office. Instead of locating and providing customers with the required phone number for their query, agents can now quickly forward the call to the necessary department.

VCC Live has also worked with Decathlon to continuously improve our solution in line with their unique requirements. One example of this is the use of API integrations to automate the sending and receiving of data to our platform. This has ensured a highly secure agent login process and greater efficiency in updating CRM records.

New highs for customer call handling success

Decathlon’s call management capabilities have come a long way since using VCC Live’s solution. Initially seeking a way to better manage calls than using their previous hard-phone system, the company has since handled 100s of thousands of inbound customer calls via our software (averaging 13k calls every month). 

This has resulted in 92% of all calls being handled within our SLA which has surpassed and consistently stayed above targets. Other successes include maintaining a <5% call abandonment rate (between 5% and 8% is considered “good” by industry standards).

Given our customer-first approach, the outcome we value most is positive feedback from customers. Below are some of the first-hand benefits stated by Decathlon since they started using our solution:

  • Ability to track every minute of every call affording them with the utmost level of visibility
  • Closely monitor agent activity to gain a strong awareness of productivity levels and enhance resource management
  • Customization and self-management of features – particularly the ease of modifying the agent interface and IVR menu options
  • Syncing with other applications via API integration to keep data continuously in sync, updated, and secure