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Moving from on-premise software to the Cloud with VCC Live

DHL is the largest logistics company in the world, with a presence in more than 220 countries. With a workforce exceeding 350,000 employees, they provide solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs, including international courier, parcel, and express mail services.


As the world’s largest logistics company, DHL operates the most comprehensive global express network in the industry. In order to ensure a consistently-level of customer service in their contact centers across the globe, the company always looks to utilize the latest technology solutions.

Before starting to use VCC Live’s cloud-based solution for their contact center needs, DHL was using a 10-year-old, outdated on-premise solution that was unable to provide the company with real-time statistics.

As the system they were using took 2-3 days to generate reports, reacting to real-time challenges was not possible for their customer service teams. In addition, as the reports generated were often inaccurate, it was a constant struggle for management to monitor their teams’ performance. Since their previous system was an on-premise solution, DHL was also not able to utilize home-based agents, and constantly struggled to find and hire the required number of agents in their contact centers. Lastly, their on-premise solution created a significant burden for the company in terms of scalability and costs.

Moving to the Cloud

Introducing VCC Live’s cloud-based solution has made all the difference, allowing DHL to access the software anytime and from anywhere, without having to host a costly on-premise solution and pay for constant maintenance.

And, as VCC Live’s cloud-based system supports the home-based workforce model, the company can now utilize remote agents in accordance with modern workforce trends.

VCC Live’s system is an easily-scalable solution, allowing DHL to increase their agent base quickly without any major investment. This flexibility enables the company to easily upscale or downscale their contact centers, depending on peak/idle times. One of VCC Live’s most powerful features, its advanced reporting tools, have been utilized by DHL’s management in order to better monitor their teams’ performance. This powerful feature enables the company to monitor user status or generate inbound and outbound call statistics in real time.

“Working with DHL has been particularly exciting as we were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique operational model of the world’s largest logistics company. Also, our agile development method allowed us to come up with solutions tailor-made to the company’s specific business needs.”

János Piskolti

- Key Account Manager, VCC Live

Implementation process

The partnership between the two companies resulted in a fruitful business relationship that continues to this day, with VCC Live’s team, after the initial implementation and training period, now offering ongoing support to DHL as required.

“The implementation process with VCC Live went very smoothly, and the support we received from the team was a lot more than what we expected. VCC Live has always reacted to our issues in a timely manner and managed to come up with a solution to address our problems. We were also highly satisfied with the excellent work of VCC Live customer support team who always responded to our queries in 5-10 minutes.”

Krisztián Kardulecz

- IMS Lead, DHL


By choosing VCC Live’s cloud-based software solution, DHL has overcome the challenges they were experiencing. Furthermore, VCC Live’s cloud-based system not only helped DHL cut their maintenance costs but also allowed them to quickly scale up their business and expand their agent base without major investment.

With VCC Live’s powerful reporting tools, DHL’s management is now able to see the whole picture and monitor agent performance in real time. By using VCC Live, they are able to better monitor their processes and allocate resources. As a result, DHL’s productivity and agent effectiveness have increased significantly.

“We just recently started to use the system but we can already clearly see that our productivity has increased significantly,” noted Kardulecz. “Thanks to VCC Live, we now have a powerful tool to monitor our processes, therefore we can better allocate our resources and continuously increase our productivity.”