DHL moving contact center operations to the cloud


maintenance cost


agent productivity


accurate real-time statistics

Read on to find out how DHL made their contact center A LOT more efficient and productive.

In the logistics industry, having top-notch customer service over the phone is not just an added value, but a necessity. VCC Live was thrilled to work with one of the most respected logistics brands, helping them to become more scalable and data-driven. This change helped DHL overcome many problems related to their incumbent, on-premise solution.

A system in need of modernization

Before partnering with VCC Live, DHL was using an on-premise system that:

  • Lacked real-time statistics
  • Frequently provided inaccurate reports that took three days to generate
  • Couldn’t enable agents to work from home, and;
  • Didn’t provide scalability and good value

Overcoming these issues would make DHL’s contact center more efficient on many fronts, such as reacting to challenges in real-time, monitoring agent performance, as well as helping the company’s HR department to better address the growing work-from-home trend.

Moving to the cloud

The introduction of VCC Live’s cloud-based solution gave DHL’s employees contact center software access anytime and from anywhere. The long-awaited, home-based workforce model finally became a reality, as both costs and time spent on software maintenance were significantly cut. 

DHL can now increase its agent base without major software investment thanks to the scalability of the VCC system, allowing its contact center to be upscaled or downscaled depending on peak or idle times. DHL can also use advanced reporting tools to get a better understanding of agent performance, for example, by analyzing user statuses or viewing call statistics in real time.

VCC Live’s agile development method allowed us to come up with solutions tailor-made to the DHL’s specific business needs.

János Piskolti

- Key Account Manager, VCC Live

The implementation process with VCC Live went very smoothly, and the support we received from the team was a lot more than what we expected. VCC Live has always reacted to our issues in a timely manner and managed to come up with solutions to address our problems. We were also highly satisfied with the excellent work of the VCC Live customer support team, who always responded to our queries in 5-10 minutes.

Krisztián Kardulecz

- IMS Lead, DHL


VCC Live helped DHL significantly increase agent productivity and effectiveness with the move to cloud, helping the company overcome many problems related to efficiency, monitoring, reporting and HR administration.

We just recently started using the system, but we can already clearly see that our productivity has increased significantly. Thanks to VCC Live, we now have a powerful tool to monitor our processes, allowing us to better allocate our resources.

Krisztián Kardulecz

- IMS Lead, DHL