Outstanding sales results with customizable contact center software


38 min per hour

of agent talk time

20% more sales

per agent

Higher efficiency

of detecting voicemail

Here’s how implementing a robust contact center software helped a large player in the insurance business make their customer acquisition a lot more effective.

4Life Direct is a specialist life insurance firm with several locations across Europe. Our partnership presented a great opportunity for VCC Live to improve the client’s outbound sales efficiency and help them to better handle customer phone queries.

More talk time and better KPI tracking

As selling insurance over the phone is one of 4Life Direct’s major ways to expand market reach, VCC Live’s software was a perfect fit to help the client improve results. The firm’s main goal was to figure out a better way of dialing customer numbers without unnecessary wait time. The project’s scope also included a method to better assess agents’ work quality to uncover potential efficiency improvements.

Optimizing the firm’s outreach efforts

We worked together with 4Life Direct to fine-tune a number of our core functionalities to specifically meet the client’s requirements. This included:

  • Our automatic dialer function provides optimal outreach by connecting the most relevant agents (in terms of factors such as skillset and availability) to the right prospects in the firm’s database.
  • The dialer function also helps the firm to automatically connect to clients when they are available – this was applied to selected prospect segments for which the time slots of availability are known.
  • Our voicemail detection function helped to diminish a high volume of unsuccessful connections thereby saving significant time for agents. The prospect database was also further optimized by the feature as it automatically marks voicemail detections.

In addition to the above, 4Life Direct uses VCC Live’s custom KPIs and real-time statistics to feed data into their internal work assessment tool. This makes it possible for supervisors to quickly assess agent conversations based on any criteria. This is particularly effective due to the properly-configured API connections ensuring a constant data flow between VCC Live and other systems used by the client.

38 minutes per hour? Achievable with VCC Live

After partnering with VCC Live, 4Life Direct was able to achieve an increase of almost 100% in agent talk time – from 20 to 38 minutes per hour. The efficiency in detecting voicemails reached 34% – thereby helping to hit new levels of agent talk time. Customer callback requests are now served in less than 3 hours.

Overall, 4Life Direct estimated a 20% sales increase per agent as a result of implementing VCC’s contact center software.