Case study

20 to 38 min/hour

increase in agent talk time

Reduced number

of connections to voicemail by 34%


increase in sales

Multi-channel sales – focusing on effectiveness

4Life Direct was founded in the 1990s in South Africa, offering innovative insurance products to customers throughout the country. During the next two decades they successfully penetrated the United States and Australian markets, and since then over 2 million people have chosen 4Life Direct for their insurance needs. The group began operating in Europe in 2009, and presently has offices in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Great Britain. Since entering the European market, almost a million people have benefited from their services.


Effective customer acquisition is the most important benefit that VCC Live’s software gives 4Life Direct. Telesales is one of the most effective forms of sales, and in order to help speed up the customer contact process the company required a more effective way of dialing customers without unnecessary waiting time, as well as an improved method for managing incoming calls.

Further requirements were the fastest possible handling of incoming questions on 4Life Direct’s website from customers interested in the company’s products, and the ability to assess agents’ work quality and effectiveness in specific projects, with the aim to allow constant observation and discover potential ways to improve efficiency.


VCC Live’s automatic connection selection algorithm-based function makes it possible to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimise agent connection waiting time.

The dialler selects a larger number of connections than available agents, based on the number of currently available consultants, the average length of a conversation, the probability of a number being busy or incorrect, the maximum acceptable waiting time for the client on the line etc.

Aiming to optimize outbound call effectiveness, and based on 4Life Direct’s requirements, VCC Live has modified the way our automatic dialler selects connections, so that it works even more effectively with the key characteristics of databases owned by their clients, and the particularities of the work and the market in which they operate.

Additionally, in order to help achieve better sales results, we have introduced a feature that makes it possible to match selected numbers types with the availability of the relevant target group, e.g. for 4Life Direct, during their peak hours between 10.00am and 3.00pm. New contacts are selected in a specified timeframe, with call-backs scheduled before and after this timeframe.

A feature used by 4Life Direct in conjunction with the automatic selection module is the possibility to detect voicemail. This makes it possible for the dialler to further shorten the selection time if it reaches a customer’s voicemail, which is automatically saved with the result “Voicemail” rather than a successful connection.

In order to help assess agents’ work quality, and in response to 4Life Direct’s requirements, VCC LIVE has improved the effectiveness of its Quality Management work-assessment tool, making it possible to assess agent conversations based on variables specified by supervisors.

Additionally, a properly-configured API connection ensures a constant data flow between VCC Live and the other systems used by clients, facilitating not only data management, but also statistics management, and the analysis of both individual agents and entire teams’ results.


VCC Live’s solution has contributed to an increase of almost 100% in agent effectiveness at 4Life Direct in terms of talk time, from 20 minutes/ hour talk time using their previous, manual selection solution, to 38 minutes/ hour talk time. The efficiency of detecting voicemail on databases owned by 4Life stands at 34%, which, among other things, is currently the highest percentage in all of the Polish market.

The use of VCC Live’s feature selecting specified records within a specified timeframe has contributed to a shortening of initial customer contact time to a maximum of 3 hours after registration on the company’s website, with a resulting higher sales coefficient for new records, which has helped improve 4Life Direct’s sales team’s morale.

The use of the Quality Management tool has made it possible to observe agents work and improve specified quality characteristics, thanks to which sales rose by an average of 20% per agent.