Consumer lending

One platform to manage all your customer interactions

Cloud contact center software
for consumer lending businesses

VCC Live supports consumer lending’s important role in the global economy through our cloud contact center software – which businesses manage the full scope of their customer activities.

  • Reach and engage customers across all key channels
  • Automate email, SMS, or even voice communications
  • Conduct fully secure repayments over the phone
  • Empower customers through self-service tools
  • Stay protected with infrastructure and certifications
  • Gain complete visibility across all activities

A platform to support any consumer lending project

Our contact center software is purpose-built for teams to deliver, no matter the campaign.

  • Customer service

    Easily build automation-led journeys for your customers to meet their lending needs.

  • Telemarketing

    Acquire new customers by using outbound tools to reach more people than ever before.

  • Collections

    Securely manage customer repayments and set up routine communications for your debtors.

Ramp up your consumer campaigns


    1. Maximize talk time

    Keep your agents productive by only handling active customer calls with features such as predictive dialer and voicemail detection.


    2. Go beyond phone

    Connect with your customers across different platforms by using just one interface through our omnichannel functionality.


    3. Automate outreach

    Orchestrate your customer communications with outbound IVR or by using fully automated SMS and email workflows.


    4. Boost repayments

    Enable swift, over-the-phone collections using our highly secure, PCI DSS certified customer payments feature.


    5. Empower self-service

    Give customers the option to manage their own queries and repayments with an easy-to-design IVR system.


    6. Sync your CRM

    Provide agents with visibility of key customer information while on calls through Salesforce integration and others.

Attain control over your consumer lending activities

We leverage our platform’s debt collection capabilities to give your full visibility of customer repayments.

View real-time repayments

Use fully customizable KPI dashboards and a real-time transaction screen to maintain a strong awareness of all customer repayments.

Build your own metrics

You can choose between our software’s extensive, predefined KPIs or easily customize your very own to align with your unique goals.

Export tailored reports

Compile extensive and detailed reports any time by selecting data criteria that you need to showcase to others.

Swiftly collect payments over the phone

With our PCI DSS certified payment solution, VCC Live Pay, agents can swiftly and securely conduct card payments during a call.
Customers input card details via their phone’s keypad and within seconds the transaction is completed –
all without agents having any visibility of any card details.

Some of our consumer lending partnerships

Ferratum is a microloan specialist with over 2 million customers. Implementing VCC Live’s platform helped them to:

  • increase agent talk time using predictive dialer
  • automate personalized SMS reminder workflows
  • integrate our solution with their existing CMS
  • achieved a 65% growth in collections efficiency

Check out the case study >

4finance offers it customers lending services across 15 countries. VCC Live provides the group with an all-in-one contact center solution to:

  • boost agent talk time with predictive dialer and voicemail detection
  • provide comprehensive reporting via a real-time KPI dashboard
  • enable instant customer collections with over-the-phone payment

Check out the case study >

Stay protected with robust data security

Few industries experience data security scrutiny quite like the financial services sector.

With data centers around the world, ISO certifications and full GDPR processes,
VCC Live safeguards your business from any potential non-compliance issues.

Reach, sell and collect more with our powerful features

Customers aren’t always easy to reach; particularly in the consumer lending sector. Keep your agents busy on the phone by using predictive dialer to ensure there’s always another customer call waiting for them once they’ve concluded their current conversation.

Voicemail detection swiftly identifies the telling signals and automatically progresses your agent to the next call. What’s more, when a voicemail is detected, you can quickly set up pre-recorded voice messages or even automated SMS follow ups.

Outbound IVR enables you to continuously contact customers over the phone with personalized messages, all without any agent involvement. You can also easily design keypad menu options to encourage customers to speak to live agents or make repayments.

VCC Live’s cloud contact center software can be integrated with your trusted business tools. Just one example of this is our Salesforce integration, where you can use the full capabilities of our software and manage customer accounts without leaving your CRM.

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