Virtual call center software

Ensure business continuity by moving your call center operations to the cloud.
It takes just a few days to get your
team of remote agents up and running.

Automate your virtual contact center’s call management

  • Skills-based routing

    Our system routes inbound calls to the most suitable agent or departments based on predefined rules.

  • ACD

    You can set up and manage automatic call distribution based on agent skills – with zero IT skills required.

  • Unlimited IVR levels

    Deliver a personalized customer experience and add new levels of automation with IVR.

Easily manage your virtual contact center agents

Live dashboards

Customize KPI dashboards with the most important metrics to measure your remote team’s performance and use real-time data to focus your resources with agility.

Workforce management

Get detailed information about the performance of your virtual call center agents. Track and measure their productivity and give them feedback on their performance.

Straightforward onboarding

Onboard new remote agents in just a few minutes. Whether you need to establish a new team or move your existing team to remote work, the process is quick and easy.

Context to your agents

The agent interface displays all customer history – affording more context to customer conversations. Integrate with your CRM to further increase awareness.

Call monitoring

Give feedback to agents based on call recordings or listen in live on their calls and even assist them as they speak.

Just some of our virtual contact center benefits

Quick setup and ease of use

Forget about expensive setup and maintenance fees! Onboard your agents in no time, without having to purchase hardware and costly equipment. No IT knowledge is needed! Provide your team with a virtual call center software that can be learned in 5 minutes and so allow them to concentrate on what really matters: customer interaction.

A flexible and scalable solution

Grow your business with an all-in-one virtual call center solution that can be customized based on your business needs and instantly scaled up to meet peak demands. Have full access to project settings and customize them to get the most of your remote operations. Integrate your business tools with VCC Live in only a few clicks and allow your agents to see everything on one virtual call center platform.

No geographical limitations

There are no geographical limitations with our virtual call center solution thanks to multiple datacenters around the world with the highest service level guaranteed. No matter which country your remote agents want to work from – agent-level timezone and time zone-based statistics make reporting easy for supervisors.

Secure operations guaranteed

Enjoy the benefits of expanded user-right options and two-factor authentication, ensuring the highest levels of security in our virtual call center software as well as in your operations. Assign appropriate roles and responsibilities to your admins, supervisors, and agents by giving or restricting access to certain data or features.

Telco Services

Besides the best cloud technology, we also provide Telco consultancy. We offer numbers in more than 60 countries, and can switch between telco providers if there are quality issues, allowing you to maintain optimum voice quality in your virtual call center at all times.

Number Portability

SIP Connectivity

Local Rates

International DID numbers

Other features for virtual call center teams

  • Predictive dialer

    Start your outbound calls with our predictive dialer and keep your abandoned call rate under 3% while increasing your team’s talk-time to up to 49 min/hour.

  • Omnichannel

    Set up all your preferred channels in the virtual call center – phone, email, chat, SMS, social media – and modify your workflows whenever needed.

  • CRM integration

    Integrate your customer data from your CRM with our virtual call center solution in only a few clicks and allow your agents to see everything on one platform.

  • Voicemail detection

    Automatically identify voicemails and allow your agents to swiftly move to the next call – and even leave prerecorded messages.

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