Personal Client Interactions With an Analyzable Data Set

Germany based Outfittery has a unique business model. The company is a virtual styling assistant for men wanting help with their daily fashion choices. Via a simple web application, men can choose the general styles that they feel fits them best, the brands that they would prefer to wear, along with their budget in less than 3 minutes. Once they send their choices, a stylist picks up their request, curates, and sends a personal selection of clothes to the customer. No subscription or shipping fees included. The customer can then decide which clothes to keep, only paying for the ones he chooses.

Given the personal nature of Outfittery’s service, it was vital for the company to provide excellent customer care on all of their communication channels.


Outfittery wanted to be able to have statistics about their call results and outbound communication channels. Previously, the company could not decide what method and channel of communication they should use when interacting with their clients. As Damian Siegmund, Outbound Sales Team Leader at Outfittery discusses, the marketing team could not do an analysis of the return of their investments in this sector, due to the lack of available customer data to analyze:

“We could not take decisions on which customer should be reached out in which way.”

Damian Siegmund

- Outbound Sales Team Leader, Outfittery

The lack of statics in their communications led to non-strategic communications. Outfittery employees reached out to existing and potential customers via all their existing channels. This meant that a customer was contacted by emails, push notifications, phone calls, and even social media.

As Damian discusses, this led to partially confused budget plans and more importantly, unwise branding tactics. Not being able to fully take advantage of their data set, Outfittery faced a potential loss of clients without up-to-date analytics. Additionally, Outfittery wanted to create a more personalized communication tactic, essential for their business model.


In order to improve their customer communications, Outfittery realized that they needed to be able to backtrack and analyze calls within their database, which was run by CrossEngage. As Damian discusses:

“VCC Live was the only tool that had the API that allowed us to do this.”

Damian Siegmund

- Outbound Sales Team Leader, Outfittery

With a regular, analyzable dataset, the marketing team at Outfittery was able to understand the nuances of their used communication channels. With a compatible API, readily available, and easily understandable statistics, as well as VCC Live’s omnichannel features, they were able to provide professional customer care. This is especially important, as the entire business model of Outfittery runs on establishing a unique, personal relationship with their clients.

Since establishing a reliable and analyzable data source, Outfittery plans to move their contact center operations fully in-house, as they are currently operating both outsourced and internal contact centers. VCC Live software has helped them realize the nuances of their customer interactions along with the observation that a personal service is key to their sales. Therefore, knowing the specific preferences of each customer when interacting with them is essential.


The results of using VCC Live’s API and Omnichannel solutions have enabled Outfittery to analyze and finetune their customer interactions. This is important in terms of providing quality customer care and also in terms of increasing their sales. Clients are no longer bothered with information that they might not want or need on multiple channels, and agents are able to identify the clients’ preferences upon interaction.

The results of using VCC Live software has also led to multiple changes within company operations. As Damian discusses, Outfittery realized that over the phone customer interactions are the most well-performing channel within the marketing team, with about 30-40% of all repeat orders coming in via the phone.

The success of over the phone customer contact and the data made available by VCC Live’s API has also enabled Outfittery to conduct calls, in the context of legitimate interest for existing clients and potential clients signing up for their service. VCC Live software has helped in the process of placing Outfittery on a continuous growth trajectory and helped focus their marketing efforts. As Damian discusses:

“Over the phone customer contact has become the most important channel within our operations.”

Damian Siegmund

- Outbound Sales Team Leader, Outfittery