Helping UPC to better coordinate in-house and external call centers

Better KPI tracking

for all agents

23% increase

in sales efficiency

Increased security

and flow of data

Read this case study to learn how implementing scalable and flexible contact center software can help you take your telemarketing to a whole new level, regardless of how complex your setup is.

The use of telemarketing represents a huge opportunity for companies offering TV, broadband internet and telephone services, and UPC Hungary had been successfully using it for years. It was at this time that VCC Live partnered with this major player to help it make its outbound calling operations even more productive and efficient.


UPC’s aim in outsourcing some of its contact center operations was not to replace existing in-house centers, but to support them in handling even more communication with potential customers.

While telesales outsourcing solves capacity problems and reduces management costs, it can also present new challenges. Finding a trustworthy provider and integrating it into a company’s systems can be problematic, especially when it comes to controlling their processes. This often leads to problems regarding quality and   service provision.

For UPC, having both internal and external teams handling outbound calls raised several technical and legal issues related to:

  • Security in terms of delivering and handling customer information
  • Obtaining and analyzing performance reports
  • Sharing voice recordings.

These issues led UPC to start searching for a way to better coordinate the operations of their in-house and external call centers.


UPC Hungary was looking for a team management function allowing clients to assign different call center teams to the same project, and VCC Live was ready to help as this is one of our core functionalities.

In-house and outsourced system users, including team leaders, operators, quality managers and others, can all log into one single UPC account on the VCC Live platform. They work within the same project, database and script, which helps keep everything consistent and in line with established standards. With this VCC account setup, users from external call centers have limited rights with no direct access to any database or reports, so important information is kept safe and secure. In order to increase agent efficiency and the number of calls handled , VCC Live also provided a new, more effective dialer to distribute calls among system users.

In addition to the convenient account setup, UPC now gets access to real-time statistics and readily comparable data for both individual agents and whole teams. Quality managers can listen to both live and recorded calls, helping them assess and improve their agents’ work. Finally, VCC Live’s API enabled it to connect with UPC Hungary’s ERP systems, guaranteeing an automated, real-time flow of data between both environments, regardless of which contact center handled the calls.


VCC Live’s software solution helped motivate external contact centers to improve their performance in comparison to in-house teams and also improved UPC’s information flow. Management can now receive direct and immediate access to all data in real time, helping them make better business decisions.

Onboarding and assessing external providers has become easy and efficient, allowing our client to quickly compare performance and quality indicators.

Supervisors from external call centers only get people management rights for their own agents as access to the database is reserved for UPC Hungary’s employees,  guaranteeing full security of customer and company data. 

VCC Live’s secure and flexible cloud-based solution was a great fit in helping UPC’s telemarketing teams rise to among the best in their industry.