Case study

Outsourced CC KPIs

managed by UPC

23% increase

in sales efficiency

Performance management

without database access

Intelligent harmonisation of in-house and outsourced call centres

UPC Hungary Ltd. is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Liberty Global plc, one of the leading European alternative telecommunications companies. UPC aims to provide unlimited access to the digital and telecommunications world to its customers via its TV, broadband internet and telephone services, which are supplied through a new generation network to 24 million customers using a total of 48 million services.


As with all service-providing companies, efficiently acquiring new customers is crucial for UPC Hungary Ltd. An extremely effective tool to help achieve this is telesales, and this is why, in order to speed up customer acquisition and manage an increased amount of calls during telesales campaigns, UPC utilises an outsourced contact centre to help support the telesales activities of their already existing in-house contact centres.

Outsourcing provides a flexible solution for capacity problems, while also helping reduce management costs, but it can also present new challenges. Finding a trustworthy outsourced contact centre and integrating it into a company’s activities can be time-consuming, and controlling its processes often proves to be difficult. Very often this leads to emerging quality problems and disorganised service provision.

Delivering and handling customer information securely, as well as obtaining performance reports and sharing voice recordings, can easily become cumbersome tasks, and can also often raise legal and technical issues. After facing such difficulties, UPC was looking for a way to harmonise the operations of their in-house and outsourced call centres.


To help improve the situation as much as possible, UPC put their trust in VCC Live’s solution, a particular feature of which is a team management function allowing clients to assign different call centre teams to the same project.

In-house and outsourced system users, including team leaders, operators, quality managers and others, log into the same UPC account within the VCC Live platform, and work within the same project, database and script, thus providing a consistent and standard service. Users from outsourced call centres have limited rights, and do not have direct access to any database or reports, thus keeping important information safe and secure. In order to increase agent efficiency and the number of handled calls, VCC Live also provided a new, more effective dialler to distribute calls among system users.

Furthermore, the VCC Live platform now provides a real-time statistics feature and readily comparable data for both individual agents and whole teams. In addition, the platform also allows UPC’s Quality Managers to listen to both live and recorded calls as required, thus helping them to assess the quality of agent work. Finally, VCC Live also integrated their API function into UPC’s environment, guaranteeing an automated and real-time flow of data between VCC Live’s platform and UPC’s ERP systems, regardless of whether the calls are handled by in-house or outsourced contact centres.


The biggest achievement for UPC of using VCC Live has been the motivation it has given outsourced contact centres in terms of healthy competition. It has also allowed information between in-house and outsourced contact centres to flow more easily. UPC’s professional management team now receive direct and immediate access to all data in real time, enabling them to make effective and prompt professional and business decisions.

Involving new outsourced call centres has become easy and efficient with VCC Live’s reporting system. UPC is now able to quickly and conveniently compare the performance and quality indicators of different contact centres, allowing management and assessment tasks to be carried out immediately.

Supervisors from the involved outsourced call centres receive only people management rights over their agents. All the while, the database remains within the system supervised by UPC, and prevents unauthorised use of data by outsourced contact centres or their agents, thus guaranteeing full security of customer and company data. VCC Live’s secure cloud-based solution has allowed UPC to provide a standardized service, helping their telesales teams become among the best in their industry.