Intelligently connect customers and agents with our Dialogflow integration

Transform your inbound and outbound call setup by combining our cloud contact center platform with machine learning powered Dialogflow to boost customer experience.

What is Dialogflow?

Dialogflow is a platform that understands natural language for conversational user interfaces and replies accordingly – e.g. interactive voice response (IVR). It’s a powerful tool that enables constructive conversation with customers and can be integrated with our contact center software.

How our Dialogflow integration will enhance
your inbound and outbound call setup

  • Leveling up your IVR

    VCC Live’s IVR feature is pivotal in handling high volumes of calls and – by adding Dialogflow – you gain an intelligent virtual agent.

  • Enhancing customer experience

    Use our Dialogflow integration to improve your call distribution and provide customers with useful responses in 90+ languages.

  • Cutting agent tasks

    Preserve your agents’ time for more meaningful conversation by allowing our Dialogflow add-on to address basic tasks and FAQs.

  • Ensuring a human feel

    Setting up Dialogflow in our platform enables human-like speech that significantly goes beyond pre-recorded responses.

  • ML-powered conversations

    Our integration leverages Google’s machine learning algorithms to continuously improve your customer conversations.

  • Increasing financial performance

    Merging our software’s capabilities with Dialogflow means customers connect to the right agents faster which will influence your bottom line.

Connect your Dialogflow to VCC Live in two steps

Step 01

Create your Dialogflow structure on the Google Dialogflow interface.

Step 02

Select Dialogflow in the VCC Live platform and insert it into your IVR structure.

Transform your first touchpoint with customers

Contact us to learn more about how the combination of our cloud contact center
solution and Dialogflow will take your customer communications to new levels.