Gain visibility and control with our contact center dashboard

An integral component of our cloud contact center solution, the highly customizable, real-time dashboard allows you to track a huge range of best practice and custom KPIs.

Gain a highly agile and customizable contact center dashboard

Monitor activities in real time

Attain a holistic view of your contact center performance or dive deeper into specific activities of teams or individual agents.

Ensure high levels of output

Continuously keep informed of any potential issues as they happen so you can swiftly react to keep performance at the highest possible level.

Customize to meet unique goals

Organize your dashboard any way you like using a simple, drag-and-drop system and add completely custom KPIs in just a few clicks.
  • Optimize your queues

    Ensure effective queue monitoring by tracking your most important metrics.

  • Delight your customers

    Achieve first-rate satisfaction by keeping call KPIs in optimal range.

  • Engage your agents

    Display your chosen metrics and KPIs on a wallboard to keep agents informed.

Instantly create reports across any range of data

Dig deeper than ever before into all elements of your contact center activities by accessing CDR logs or call statistics and recordings across any time range.

What’s more, you can swiftly create structured and detailed performance reports by exporting any category of data.

Easily add new KPIs to your contact center dashboard

Our platform gives enables you to structure your contact center dashboard however you like. Here, you can add new KPIs by selecting from a list of pre-defined, best-practice parameters. You can also color code any KPIs to provide more meaning and significance.

Here, you can quickly generate an entirely custom KPI for your contact center dashboard. Simply label the KPI and give it a formula based on what you want to measure – e.g. “successful calls / reached calls”. This powerful feature enables you to make your contact center dashboard entirely unique.

After creating new KPIs, they will instantly appear in your contact center dashboard and you can position them anywhere you like using a simple, drag-and-drop method.

“We now have a powerful tool to monitor our processes and
better allocate resources. Only a short time after the smooth and
supportive implementation, our productivity greatly increased.”


Looking for a contact center dashboard that fits the way you work?