Accept electronic signatures with Docusign integration

Accept signatures

without meeting in-person

Let your agents

close the deals - fully

Widely known solution

100% secure and trusted

Add Docusign’s eSignature capability to close deals faster and more conveniently for both agents and clients.

Signing contracts can be a part of both inbound and outbound communication. Having Docusign as one of the tools in your agents’ toolbox can help drive more sales by getting rid of the annoying email back-and-forth. Instead, you get access to a 100% secure and widely known tool that makes it possible to sign deals without scanning documents or meeting in person.

You can automate how and when documents are sent for signature by referring to a VCC Live’s call resolution. Your clients’ data will be sent to Docusign and then documents that are ready to sign will be emailed to your clients from Docusign to ensure trust and security they’re familiar with.

Typical use case – automated contract processing

  • Based on the call resolution, customer data can be sent from VCC Live to Docusign via Javasript API
  • Customer data can be used for faster document preparation to speed up the process
  • When ready, customers handled in VCC Live are sent documents “to-be-signed” directly from Docusign
  • Agents and admins get access to documents saved and signed through Docusign