IVR system for call centers

Enable customers to navigate their calls to the right agents and resolve queries themselves through using just their telephone keypad.

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Delight customers with helpful IVR trees

  • Handle high volume

    Maximize your call handling capacity by enabling a fully automated system to manage any number of calls.

  • Increase efficiency

    Remove the challenge of handling every single inbound call by providing an interactive voice channel for customers.

  • Enhance CX

    Save customers’ time by achieving first contact resolution and personalize through syncing with your customer database.

  • Smartly guide calls

    Ensure customers reach the right agent every time by using tailored menus efficiently navigating their journey.

  • Be available 24/7

    Enable customers to conduct self-service activities at any time of the day and without any agents required.

  • Reduce costs

    Serving customers faster and reducing reliance on agents will inevitably save expenses and even improve revenue.

How inbound IVR works

Inbound IVR enables customers to navigate their call to the right agent using just their phone’s keypad.

It’s essentially a computerized agent that can respond to prompts, collect information, and route calls. This allows your to resolve a customer’s query faster and also reduce wait time or the need to speak to multiple agents.

With our contact center software, you can easily design your own IVR trees using a drag-and-drop system to structure your caller’s journey any way like – all without the need for any IT involvement.

To check that your IVR is working just how you want it to, you can even conduct a test call to experience the customer journey all for yourself!


Include ACD in the mix

Our contact center software also includes automatic call distribution (ACD),
which can be combined with VCC Live’s IVR system to further delight your customers.

  • Skills-based routing

    Easily set up call navigation and boost first call resolution by ensuring callers reach the most appropriate agents every time.

  • Ticketing system

    Introduce smart issue management by giving agents the ability to quickly raise, transfer, and resolve queries.

  • VIP queues

    Create a special line of service for your most important customers by automatically prioritizing their inbound calls.

Client success with VCC Live’s IVR system

UNICEF partnered with VCC Live to introduce their first contact center solution, helping them to:

  • improve handling of donor calls with inbound IVR
  • process over-the-phone donations with VCC Live Pay
  • automate post-donation communication with email workflows

Check out the case study >


Decathlon switched from an unreliable system to VCC Live which enabled them to:

  • help customers navigate to key departments with IVR buttons
  • integrate their CRM to better handle over 700k customer records
  • create a built-in phonebook to keep all departments connected

Check out the case study >


Check out our other features

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    Automate large-scale outreach without agents and reach more customers.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/dashboards-icon-2022.svg


    Gain real-time insight and easily build your dashboard with custom KPIs.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/acd-icon-2022.svg

    Auto call

    Assign callers to the right agents to optimize queues and keep customers happy.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/customer-payments-icon-2022-1.svg


    Conduct secure, over-the-phone transactions to speed up customer transactions.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/predictive-dialer-icon-2022.svg


    Achieve an stream of successfully connected calls and boost talk time.

  • https://vcc.live/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/voicemail-detection-icon-2022.svg


    Diminish encounters with voicemails to maximize talk time and productivity.


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