HubSpot integration for better contact management and automation

Enrich automation

with call logs from VCC Live

Edit contact data

while agents are on the call

All tools in one place

to avoid switching between apps

Integrate VCC Live with HubSpot to get powerful new options for engaging leads as well as get a better understanding of your sales and marketing performance

For many companies, HubSpot has become the go-to place where sales, customer service and marketing teams meet. Integrating VCC Live’s contact center software with HubSpot is a great way to add even more capabilities to the extensive options HubSpot has to offer.

For example, you’ll be able to use a VCC Live-powered click-to-call functionality for your contacts in HubSpot and then keep call information (or even links to recordings!) which can later be used for creating workflows or building reports in HubSpot. Both sales and customer service teams can largely benefit from this option especially regarding productivity and quality management

Benefits of using HubSpot with VCC Live

  • All customer and prospect communication can be faster and better organized
  • Call recordings can be accessed “on-the-fly” for analysis and quality management
  • Quicker access to data related to both customer service and outbound campaign

Watch the video below to see it in action:

What’s possible

  • VCC Live’s call logs, including URLs to call recordings, can be visible directly in HubSpot (after setting up the correct disposition)
  • Campaigns can be directly loaded via API to VCC or its Campaign Manager tool for better project management
  • By using VCC Live’s script SDK, HubSpot’s contact profiles can be visible for agents during calls
  • Agents can edit data in real-time