Chat apps integration for contact centers

Use the most popular chat apps with our cloud contact center software to offer customers convenience, speed, and personalization.

Delight customers with modern connectivity

Boost responsiveness and availability for customers to take your CX to new heights.

  • Boost resolutions

    Empower your agents to address queries and resolve issues faster than using other traditional methods.

  • Use just one profile

    Assign multiple agents to one universal profile allowing them to simultaneously chat with all customers at once.

  • Raise tickets from chats

    Convert the chat into a ticket to resolve issues faster and even handle tickets across any other communication channel.

  • Enable swift transfers

    Assign chats to any agent or allow them to transfer between each other to connect customers to the right agent.

  • Inject some personality

    Allow agents to increase engagement and emotion through their chats with customers to improve your CX.

  • Securely log all chats

    Keep an automatically updated record of chat history with customers to refer back to chats at any time.

How our chat apps integration works

Easily sync your chat app with VCC Live to begin holding real-time conversations with customers.

Connect VCC Live to any chat app

From the world’s most popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram,
to more niche and geo-specific platforms such as WeChat, Viber and Telegram,
you can connect any of your preferred chat apps with our contact center software.

Integrate chat apps with CRMs and more

Sync VCC Live with a huge range of CRMs and other applications to make the most of your customer data.

Our software connects with a multitude of third-party platforms and we can also support entirely custom integrations.


Enhance your CX across all channels

With VCC Live’s omnichannel feature, your agents can quickly
switch to any of the customer’s preferred channels in just one interface.



    Crystal-clear phone services equipped with automated dialers and advanced call handling.



    Full email platform to prioritize, automate, and communicate with customers.



    International SMS ideal for mass sending, notifications, order confirmations, and more.


    Live chat

    Deliver real-time, personalized support to answer queries and identify sales opportunities.


    Social media

    Unify your customer experience and engage with customers through the channels they prefer

Get started with chat apps

Connect with customers via your preferred chat apps
using our cloud contact center software