Make your contact center more efficient with VCC Live's Zapier integration

Automate your tasks

with Zapier and VCC Live

Flexible integrations

for over 4,000 applications

Empower your agents

with more tools in one place

User Zapier’s powerful integration and automation options to make VCC Live the all-in-one platform for your agents

Zapier is a renowned tool for automation and integration that helps many online services “talk” to each other. Users can include input from various tools to build complex automation workflows making things happen a lot faster comparing to laborious manual tasks. For VCC Live users, this mean that they can empower their contact center’s team with extra possibilities and flexibility depending on their needs.

One of the most common use cases is to integrate VCC Live with Zapier to get access to customer profiles from other systems, such as CRMs or ERPs. In this way, you can provide agents with information and tools they need during calls.

Benefits of using Zapier with VCC Live

  • Build complex, multi-component workflows that use information from VCC Live
  • Connect VCC Live to thousands of compatible applications using Zapier as middleware
  • Coding is not required for establishing integrations and creating automation workflows

Typical use case – feeding customer data into VCC Live

  • Add customer records from any CRM, ERP or ticketing system to VCC Live’s projects or Campaign Manager
  • Edit all custom attributes of any customer record
  • Dial customer numbers loaded through Zapier using VCC Live’s automatic dialer
  • Make edits visible for agents to use when needed
  • Keep customer data up-to-made by modifying any relevant field

Also visit: Zapier’s documentation page