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Cloud contact center software
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Making it personal.

According to Accenture, insurers offering personalized experienced and products see an 81% increase in customer retention.

VCC Live’s contact center software enables you to connect with customers across any channel, resolve queries quickly, deliver a personalized CX, and keep customer data protected – all with just one platform.

Easily manage calls, claims and much more

Engage more customers and resolve queries faster with our cloud contact center solution.


    1. Handle volume

    Easily manage and coordinate your inbound calls with intelligent routing, distribution, and IVR features.


    2. Integrate CRM

    Sync your customer records to provide agents with visibility of policy information, claim histories, and much more.


    3. Go omnichannel

    Give your customers the freedom to connect over phone, SMS, email, live chat, chat apps, and more.


    4. Use self-service

    Create easy-build IVR menus that enable customers to manage claims, billings and renewals – without agents!


    5. Stay compliant

    Meet compliance regulations through quality monitoring features – such as call recordings and evaluations.


    6. Drive sales

    Provide agents with the tools for boosting policy sales and renewals with a range of outbound features.

Elevate your CX with a feature-filled platform

Be open and responsive

Give customers an attentive experience across the channels they prefer with our omnichannel software. Offer customers and agents a mix of ways to connect, while always being on hand to resolve their queries.

  • VoiceCalls using digital lines for crystal-clear quality
  • EmailBuilt-in email with mass sends and workflows
  • SMS:  Automate notifications to keep consumers updated
  • Live chat: Real-time support to boost resolutions and sales
  • Chat apps: Sync with the messaging apps to grow connectivity
  • Social: Increase interactions on company social pages


Ensure prompt and efficient handling

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is our call routing system for speedy customer service and efficient issue resolution.

The system automatically places callers in a virtual queue and routes incoming calls to the most suitable agent. This helps keep wait times low, first call resolution high, and your customers happy.


Make it personal with self-service

Our intelligent IVR system allows customers to direct their own calls, provides personalized menu options based on CRM data, and even enables them to resolve their own matters in a convenient way.

Whatever the reason for the customer’s contact, you can easily build menus for them to handle their own queries which preserves agent time for more pressing issues.

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Accelerate policy sales and renewals

  • Predictive dialer: Supercharge your outbound campaigns by only handling live customer calls and take your agent productivity to new levels
  • Voicemail Detection: Avoid the 80% of calls the go to answering machines and eliminate wait time for agents by automating voicemail handling
  • Outbound IVR: Make huge volumes of personalized calls without any agent involvement to expand your customer outreach activities

Monitor performance in real time

Our KPI dashboards provide a holistic insight into your contact center performance. Monitor CX in real time, make staffing decisions based on data, and motivate agents with metrics.

You can also build dashboards however you want by easily reorganizing your dashboard layout and even creating entirely custom KPIs that fit your unique insurance goals.


Set up recurring payments

Give customers an easy way to pay with VCC Live Pay: our swift and secure over-the-phone payment option.

Using just their telephone keypad, customers can enter their card details and make purchases while on a call to agents. Help agents to sell more, drive upselling opportunities, and set up recurring payments.

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Integrate with specialist tools

We appreciate the insurance and wider financial services industry relies on specialist applications to ensure a strong and secure business performance.

With the ability to integrate with almost any other software via the likes of APIs, webhooks and SDKs, our development team will support all of your custom and unique integration needs.


Safeguarding you and your customers

  • ISO certifications for the utmost confidence in our regulatory compliance, commitment to security, and data handling
  • Dedicated global data centers and private cloud operation for enhanced security, disaster recovery, and business continuity
  • PCI DSS compliance to protect our clients’ customers with strict measures for card transactions and any data misuse
  • Total GDPR compliance ensuring dedication to transparent data handling, robust security measures and more
  • Fraud detection through additional features such as our voice biometric capabilities to add an extra layers of security
  • Several other measures incl. custom data retention periods, two-factor authentication, and user access management

VCC Live in the insurance sector

Check out a couple of our stories of working with insurance leaders.

4Life Direct is a specialist life insurance firm with several locations across Europe. VCC Live helped them to:

  • 20 to 38 minutes increase of active agent talk time
  • Under 3 hours for all customer callback requests
  • Increase sales to 20% on average per agent
  • 38% of voicemails detected further boosting efficiency


Waberer is a leading motor insurance company. Partnering with VCC helped them to:

  • Swift migration to cloud from on-premise solution
  • Meeting all SLAs incl. connection times and call recordings
  • 27% increase in customer satisfaction levels
  • Significant savings in maintenance costs vs. on prem


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