Saving 20% of Workforce With Automation For Better Contact Center Efficiency

Waberer is one of the leading insurance companies in Hungary, dealing with general non-life insurance, primarily for motor vehicles and smaller properties. The focus for the company’s strategy is to develop cost-effective, modern processes, and to operate a simple, streamlined business model. 

Waberer strives towards leveraging online, automated systems for their daily operations, allowing them to provide high-quality service despite working with a small number of agents.

The company uses VCC Live’s software to handle inbound and outbound calls, as well as automated in-house email alerts.


Founded in 2008, Waberer rapidly evolved to become one of the top insurance companies in the Hungarian market. With this rapid growth, flexibility and automation became paramount. 

However, the on-premise contact center solution being used by the company could not meet their needs in this regard. In addition, Waberer was experiencing many difficulties when it came to complying with local regulations for call recording.

As a legal requirement, customers need to confirm at the beginning of each phone call whether they approve of voice recording or not, and the agent is required to turn the recording off if the answer is no. However, in case of complaints, voice recording needs to be turned on again.

Unfortunately, their previous solution didn’t have such an option.

As a result, Waberer decided to look for a new solution that could not only help them follow call recording regulations but could also be customized without the need to involve developers, enable remote work, and let supervisors monitor incoming calls and check statistics in real time.


Anna Fekete, Head of Customer Support at Waberer, was already aware of VCC Live’s product functionalities from her previous work experience. In 2016, she decided to introduce the solution to boost the efficiency of her team.

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of VCC Live, adaptation was easy and fast, and they got the necessary training from their assigned Key Account Manager so that their virtual call center could quickly go live. 

“The integration took very little time. We never need external help from a developer, we can tweak and add anything ourselves very quickly.”

Anna Fekete

- Head of Customer Support, Waberer

With the Agent Voice Recording Management feature, the agents at Waberer have been able to quickly enable and disable voice recording, thus adhering to regulations.

Another legal regulation that the company has to comply with requires the continuous use of Real-time monitoring. Based on Waberer’s SLA, callers need to be connected to an agent within 5 minutes of ringing time. With VCC Live, supervisors can closely follow the SLA throughout the day and alert agents when a  call has been in the queue for too long. 

When it becomes impossible to answer a call within five minutes, calls are set to automatically receive a Voicemail disposition, which triggers an automated email, alerting the Waberer team that a client needs to be called back. This automation flow has improved the team’s efficiency and customer satisfaction by 27% within a few months. 

Compared to their previous, on-premise solution, VCC Live keeps everything in the cloud. As a result, supervisors can access data from within the app at any time, wherever they are, while the maintenance cost got reduced by 15%. This is vital, as Waberer often needs to access recorded calls to listen to them or send them to a client. In the VCC Live software, it takes one click to listen to any pre-recorded phone conversation.

Supervisors can access logs, statistics, and reports within the app, without needing to export them. Not only does it speed up work, but guarantees that data is always up to date

Aside from real-time events, supervisors at Waberer need to be able to monitor daily, weekly, and monthly statistics to set the wages and bonuses of their employees

Since Waberer implemented VCC Live, the company has been able to tweak its campaign settings without having to involve developers. In terms of questions, they have received quality support from VCC Live customer care. 

“Whenever we need something, VCC Live customer support is always available. The team has the right attitude and finds a solution quickly.”

Anna Fekete

- Head of Customer Support, Waberer


By transitioning to VCC Live, Waberer managed to automate many of their processes and increase agent productivity. Due to the success of this partnership, in 2018 the company also started using VCC Live to support their sales operations, which offer car and home insurance.

By bringing automation processes and quick customizability to its operations, Waberer has been able to increase its efficiency and thus keep its number of agents low. 

The cloud-based nature of the software has enabled fully remote work, which the company is planning on keeping, at least partially, even after the pandemic.