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MFO Eurocredit sets up VCC Live to establish a remote workforce

Posted on: June 24th, 2020 by Dorottya Márton No Comments

VCC Live is proud to announce that another financial organization has decided to use its software in their daily operations.

MFO Eurocredit is a Georgian Micro Financial Company, providing ultrafast auto loan services. Clients can get access to loans only in 30 minutes, without a credit history check or proof of income. In the Georgian market since 2011, MFO Eurocredit is a fast expanding company hoping to continue serving competitive credit products, tailored to the needs of its borrowers.

The worldwide trend of mobility restrictions across the globe also affected MFO Eurocredit. As most businesses during this era, MFO Eurocredit realized that their contact center infrastructure was not able to help maintain their operations. The system they were using was not equipped to handle a now essential remote workforce.

Due to the urgency of keeping its operations afloat in times of mobility restrictions and uncertainty, the implementation of VCC software had to be done in an extremely urgent manner. MFO Eurocredit’s VCC Live powered software was up and running in a few days.

With the help of VCC Live software, MFO Eurocredit was able to establish a reliable remote contact center, ready to deal with both unexpected mobility restrictions and also forming solid ground for a long term, functional remote workforce.

Mainly dealing with outbound sales and debt collection, VCC Live is able to help MFO Eurocredit effectively handle their incoming calls and also successfully reach out to their applicants while keeping their abandoned call rate low. Additionally, VCC Live’s Outbound IVR feature helps double down on effectiveness when it comes to fine-tuning their outbound calls and debt collection.

VCC Live hopes to continue its cooperation with MFO Eurocredit and become a partner to their continuously growing remote agent workforce.

Spanish Loan Company Medius Collections Chooses VCC Live to Fuel Their Debt Collection

Posted on: June 12th, 2020 by dorarapcsak No Comments

Medius Collections, the Spanish branch of the dynamically-developing debt collection company, Kancelaria Medius Group, decided to choose VCC Live’s cloud-based software solution to fuel their debt collection processes and increase their collection rates. 

Founded in 2016, Medius Collections’ mission is to provide creative, innovative and secure solutions in the field of debt management. The company started operating using a number of manual tools, but as their portfolio started to increase, they soon realized they needed to leverage an all-in-one solution that would offer a wide range of functions.

“When we started to negotiate with VCC Live, we were very satisfied with the team’s professionalism,” said Miguel Gómez-Landero Blanco, Medius Collections. “As opposed to the previous systems we had used, VCC Live’s team took the time to get to know our business and processes, and consulted us on which features we should implement based on our industry-specific needs. The implementation process went smoothly, and we could always reach VCC Live’s team easily, whether we needed to talk to someone from the IT department or from the business side.”

Most industries, including the payment market, have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With 65% of their customer portfolio in Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe, Medius Collection was no exception. Luckily, VCC Live’s cloud-based software allowed the company to instantly switch to a remote working environment and continue with their operations smoothly. In particular, despite having a huge internal database, Medius Collection were easily able to integrate it into VCC Live, with the company’s agents having no problem accessing it from their remote locations.

“During the pandemic people in Spain could not leave their homes, and therefore were unable to go to a bank to settle their debts, so it was necessary for us to find a solution that allowed us to continue our operations,” commented Mr Gómez-Landero. “VCC Live proposed their unique over-the-phone solution, VCC Pay, as the way to allow our customers to settle their debts via a single phone call. Thanks to this feature, we are not only able to continue collecting debts but are also achieving better and better results, day after day.”

When it comes to debt collection, reaching out via phone does not work for everyone. As Medius Collections was well aware, customers often do not answer their calls or simply change their phone number, and so the company started to utilize VCC Live’s Optichannel Debt Collector, enabling them to create different debtor profiles, and reach out to each group on the most optimal channel. Thanks to VCC Live, Medius Collection can now create different debtor groups in their portfolio and use different channels, such as email, chat, Whatsapp, SMS and social media, to contact them.

“VCC Live offered a solution that we absolutely needed,” concluded Mr Gómez-Landero. “We now have modernized processes, and at the end of the day better results, because of VCC Live.”

VCC Live Now Supports HTTP/2

Posted on: June 9th, 2020 by Péter Krisán No Comments

The VCC Live DevOps team is delighted to announce the deployment of support for the HTTP/2 protocol. This will make establishing an HTTPS connection faster, reducing latency by enabling request and response multiplexing — thus resulting in improved data transfer speeds— as well as enabling us to further optimize our applications’ performance.

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol which is the foundation of the World Wide Web. Derived from a deprecated open-specification networking protocol originally developed by Google, HTTP/2 was released by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2015.

The HTTP/2 protocol is a significant upgrade to its predecessor, the HTTP/1.1 protocol, which was standardised back in 1997, and continued to be the standard for nearly two decades.

What improvements does HTTP/2 have to offer?

HTTP/2 is backward-compatible with HTTP/1.1 in terms of transaction semantics. While HTTP/2 certainly improves on many of HTTP/1.1’s shortcomings, it does not ditch the application semantics of its predecessor, such as methods, status codes, header fields and the Uniform Resource Identifier. What has changed is how data is framed and transported between the client and the server. Luckily, these changes do not affect how already existing web applications work so they can be used without modification.

HTTP/2 supports full asynchronous request and response multiplexing. This allows a persistent connection to be maintained that can service multiple simultaneous requests,  reducing latency and connection loads on web servers.

HTTP/2 utilizes HTTP header field compression using HPACK. This reduces data redundancy, thus minimizing overheads.

HTTP/2 supports the use of server push. It allows servers to push responses into caches rather than the client having to wait for a new request for each resource.

HTTP/2 uses the ALPN (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation) TLS (Transport Layer Security) extension. It offers improved encrypted connection speeds, since the application protocol is determined during the initial phase, thus avoiding additional round trips. This also makes the website loads faster.

At VCC Live we’re committed to bringing you unparalleled services and features in our software package. We believe under-the-hood improvements like introducing HTTP/2 support will result in noticeable improvements to performance levels.

Shopping Cart Abandonment – Mobile Marketing Recovery

Posted on: June 4th, 2020 by Richard Michael Blewis No Comments

Based on a recent study upwards of 79% of shopping cart purchases are abandoned, this can vary greatly by sector. These lost transactions provide an opportunity to be converted to sales by deploying a better more sophisticated strategy.

This varies greatly by sector:

Customer Segmentation – Based on the value of the purchase or previous transactions a workflow process should be decided. Should we run a push campaign starting with SMS, MMS, E-mail. Based on receiving a keyword response we need to define our next action, if any.
Keywords – Your customer may be guided by multiple keywords, this gives them quick and affordable information that moves them towards a purchase, such as:

  • Returns
  • DiscountCode
  • Video

SMS Push campaigns: When reaching out to a potential customer it’s best to insert a shorty link right back to their shopping basket. Evaluating reports as a KPI:

  • Click – Through Rate (CTR)ű
  • Conversion Rate
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Unique visitors

Multi-channel – Obviously we know when e-mails or SMS are delivered, now should be initiate with another channel based on this information ?
What time of day or interval will achieve better results. The campaign analytics are criticall to increase your success.

Toll Free sender: Some customers would call a toll free number and speak with agents or simply select info options in the IVR. We need to be careful not to invest too much for a low ticket item purchase. Perhaps only to receive calls from VIP customers.

Customer Interaction Channels: Having live agents to support multichannels using a unified interface.

  • SMS
  • Toll free call
  • Webchat
  • Facebook

CRM Integration – The entire process should be fully integrated with your CRM so as not to require manual management.

The right strategy and using quality direct SMS / MMS routes, will greatly increase your recovery of abandoned shopping carts and convert them to sales.

Richard Blewis
Mobile Marketing Expert – VCC Live

Using SMS as an On-The-Go Service to Keep Customers Informed

Posted on: May 15th, 2020 by dorarapcsak No Comments

These days, customers are always on the go, and prefer to use a variety of channels to reach out to a business. What they value the most during their customer journey is convenience and speed, which can be achieved with an effective on-the-go service.

One highly-convenient channel customers increasingly prefer is SMS messaging, as it allows them to communicate quickly, offer an alternative communication option when they cannot answer their phones, and can be used to remind them, for example, of upcoming events or arrangements. 

How can your business use SMS efficiently as an on-the-go service? Read on to find out!

Sharing Information in a Convenient and Reliable Way

In our over-accelerated life customers are often on the move, unable to take a phone call as they rush from one place to another, or simply unwilling to answer a call at what is an inappropriate time for them. In such situations, for both customers and businesses, SMS messages are much more convenient than phone calls.

With 95% of messages successfully reaching users, SMS is not only a reliable way of sharing information, but also offers an easier alternative for customers to interact with your business. Communicating with customers via SMS allows them to engage with you on their own terms, without having to interrupt their busy daily schedules.

When it comes to messaging content, SMS templates are a great way to reach out to your customers with the appropriate information you want to share, at the appropriate time during their customer journey. You can, for example, create SMS templates to provide order or resolution confirmations, status alerts, delivery notifications, feedback requests and so on.

Promote your Products with SMS  

Sending out SMS messages to your customers will help them discover and purchase your products and services faster, while also allowing you to help them resolve their issues with less hassle.

In particular, using SMS as an on-the-go service is ideal for contact centers specializing in telesales and telemarketing activities. When customers pick up the phone only to find out it’s a cold call, their attitude to the conversation normally becomes negative, as they immediately start thinking about excuses to end the call even before they know anything about what you have to offer.

Sending out SMS notifications about new products or discount periods, on the other hand, is an effective way of reaching customers without having to resort to this negatively-viewed cold call approach. It is also cost-effective, as those customers who are interested in your products can contact you directly, meaning you won’t have to waste time on unsuccessful calls.  

Last but not least, one major issue telesales companies often face is the struggle to actually reach customers over the phone. As people usually work during the day they often don’t have time to talk to telesales operators, while others may recognize the number and decide not to pick up their phone. With an SMS message, however, your business will be able to reach most of your customers, instead of you wasting your time repeatedly trying to reach them.

Boost Debt Collection Success Rates

When it comes to debt collection, agents, again, are well aware of the struggles involved in trying to reach customers, who will often ignore calls from a number they recognize. For agents working in debt collection the uncomfortable consequence of this issue is the resulting extra workload needed to try and reach these customers at a later date. If only there was a simple way to effectively communicate the required information to customers, which would actually reach them successfully to remind them of due payments. Luckily, there is: SMS messages!

Studies have shown that SMS can be a highly-efficient communication tool for debt collection companies trying to reach customers who either ignore their calls or are too busy to pick up. According to Forbes magazine, SMS messages reach 95% of service users with phones, which is a hugely impressive figure.

As a result, instant messages can help ensure a consistent level of continuous profit for debt collection companies. SMS messages help shorten debt collection time and secure a continuous flow of debt repayment by allowing agents to contact a comparatively large number of customers over a short period of time.

Handled correctly, SMS is an effective on-the-go service which can make businesses highly lucrative in our ever-accelerated world. So make sure your business is also taking full advantage of it!

VCC Live Offers Its Software Free of Charge to the University of Pécs for Healthcare Consultation and Virus Research

Posted on: May 7th, 2020 by dorarapcsak No Comments

To help organizations during the coronavirus crisis, VCC Live has launched its ‘Love to Help’ initiative, which offers free use of our cloud-based contact center software to any organization involved in providing information and support to the public via telephone during the crisis.

Thanks to the technology used and the company’s many years of experience, organizations can set up and begin to use VCC Live’s software in a matter of days. Amongst others, the software is being utilized by the University of Pécs and the Translational Medicina Foundation’s joint research group, who are using the software for healthcare consultation and virus research.

To help in the fight against COVID-19 the two organizations, along with the Pál Heim Children’s Hospital, established KETLAK, an action and research group to help support the Hungarian population in dealing with the virus. KETLAK’s first initiative is PROAKTIV-19, which offers healthcare consultation over the phone, and uses the collected clinical data to help with research into the virus.

Consultation is available via phone for asymptomatic individuals over 60 who have not officially contracted COVID-19. During the consultation, patients either receive general information on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle or personalized advice on how to change their own specific lifestyle in order to improve their overall health. The objective of the service is to help people over 60 improve their immune systems and thus become more resistant to the virus.

Since consultation is carried out via phone, the organization needed a reliable, cloud-based software allowing their volunteer medical students to carry out their work smoothly and safely while working remotely from home.

Attila Márta, communications coordinator at the Translational Medicina Foundation said: “Setting up VCC Live was incredibly quick, and it only took a few days for us to start our clinical consultation service using the system. Our colleagues were a bit worried at the beginning as they had never used a contact center software before, but they soon realized VCC Live is truly an easy-to-use solution. And if we experience any issues, the VCC team is always there to help us.”

VCC Live provided the organization with both incoming and outgoing features, with our advanced callback technology allowing patients to easily request a call back. The system is currently being used by 30 operators, who provide clinical consultation 7 days a week. We also set up a review system for KETLAK, allowing their patients to give them feedback about the experience of the service.

“We are particularly proud to be able to help this research group with their work,” said Tímea Hegedűsné Szegei, Key Account Manager at VCC Live. “We are all being confronted with the difficulties caused by the current state of emergency in Hungary, and we realize that healthcare is one of the most severely-affected sectors in the economy. We believe it is important for us to be able to help as many Hungarian organizations as possible during this difficult situation.”

If you are over 60, and would like to make use of this clinical consultation service opportunity, please call: 06 80 442 642

If your organization is involved in the fight against the coronavirus, and would like to use VCC Live’s software in your work, please contact us at

M+Group Selects VCC Live to Get the Most of Their IVR Call Flows

Posted on: April 16th, 2020 by dorarapcsak No Comments

M+Group, the largest independent contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the CEE region has decided to utilize VCC Live’s cloud contact center solution to handle their global call activities.

Founded in 2007, M+ group delivers innovative customer experiences to customers around the world. The company headquarters are located in Zagreb, with four additional offices and over 2000 employers in the region.

As an outsourced contact center, serving thousands of customers all over the world, M+Group handles all kinds of activities, from telesales and debt collection to technical support and customer service. With hugely diverse projects and customer requirements, the company needed a reliable solution with a wide range of customizable features, including a personalized and highly-customizable IVR system.

And this is how VCC Live came into the picture: at VCC Live, we don’t only develop solutions that fit companies operating in a wide range of industries but also offer them customized features on request. As such, we were able to offer M+Group a unique IVR system, set up and personalized by our expert team, allowing them to start to use VCC Live with more than 100 operators to handle both their incoming and outgoing calls.

As requested by M+Group, VCC Live’s customized IVR tree routes calls based on multiple rules. For instance, there are rules allowing unanswered calls to be routed to different queues, while other rules define for how long a call can ring before being routed to another queue. The IVR also supports skills-based routing, and has advanced rules for VIP customers, holiday periods and out-of-business hours.

We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with M+Group,” said Norbert Simán, Customer Success Manager at VCC Live. “And are ready to help them deliver the best possible results to their customers across the world.”

Case Study: Maximizing Outbound Calls with a Customizable Predictive Dialer

Posted on: April 7th, 2020 by dorarapcsak No Comments

“The predictive dialer settings are easy to understand. We’re definitely reaching our highest numbers of successful calls per hour with VCC Live.” – Arnold Vancsók, Call Center Manager, Protocall

Implementing a predictive dialer is one thing. But it is only fine-tuning the dialer that will make the difference, and allow you to get the most out of your outbound calls. This is exactly how Protocall achieved success with their outbound calls using VCC Live’s highly-customizable predictive dialer.

Check out our recent case study and learn:

1, How Protocall is able to fine-tune their predictive dialer using VCC Live

2, How Protocall managed to reach the highest level of efficiency in outbound campaigns, after starting to use VCC Live’s predictive dialer

3, How the company can save significant agent time by filtering out and immediately terminating calls with voice mail detection

VCC Live has exceeded Protocall’s expectations, allowing them to increase agent efficiency and the number of successful calls while also saving significant agent time.

Read our case study and learn more about the benefits of VCC Live’s customizable predictive dialer!