3 examples of contact centers using voicemail detection to achieve outstanding results

May 07, 2024

You probably already know what the benefits of voicemail detection (also known as answering machine detection) are – by detecting, skipping and handling voicemail encounters (by scheduling a callback or leaving a personalized SMS, for example), your agents can spend more time on active calls, reaching more contacts per day.

This sounds great in theory – but it might be best to see some real-life examples where detecting voicemail made a significant difference in overall efficiency. In this blog post, we brought you three success stories from three real companies introducing AMD in their contact centers – and achieving outstanding results shortly after. 

Ramping up consumer lending activities

Being one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups operating in 10+ countries, 4finance needed a scalable, highly customizable and easy-to-use solution to serve their customers. Previously, the firm relied on different contact center software solutions for each of its operations, often facing challenges with efficiency, integrations and managing data.

After selecting VCC Live as the company’s one holistic contact center solution, 4finance identified various features to improve their results, including predictive dialer, KPI dashboards, over-the-phone payments, integrations and voicemail detection, which improved its results significantly.

For instance, the introduction of voicemail detection reduced answering machine encounters by 30%, leaving more time for debt collectors to focus on real interactions, speeding up campaigns as a result.

Managing large amounts of diverse outbound projects

Outsourced contact center Protocall serves more than seven million customers per year, managing a large number of outbound campaigns from various areas. In contact centers of this size, even just a few seconds unnecessary spent per call can quickly add up to hours wasted per month. Additionally, Protocall’s agents encountered high numbers of voicemails during campaigns, which further hindered them from maximizing efficiency and saving time. 

In order to effectively manage high volumes of outbound calls and voicemails, Protocall decided to introduce a predictive dialer combined with answering machine detection. This power duo ensured that agents spent as much time on live calls as possible, as they didn’t have to wait to be connected or manually handle voicemails anymore. 

The results speak for themselves: since implementing these features, the company’s resource management has vastly improved, successful calls per hour are at an all-time high, and just in a couple of days, AMD has saved 9 hours by spotting 600 calls that went to voicemail. 

Optimizing outreach to boost sales

Specialist life insurance firm 4LifeDirect is a large player in the insurance industry with several locations in Europe. The company aimed to improve outbound sales efficiency to acquire more customers. 

To achieve this goal, 4LifeDirect introduced various new features including an auto dialer and voicemail detection. Since agents previously encountered lots of answering machines, this saved lots of time for them. Additionally, the database of prospects was optimized thanks to AMD, as it automatically indicated which contacts went to voicemail. 

After implementing these changes, the firm was able to increase agent talk time by almost 100% – from 20 to 38 minutes per hour. Additionally, the number of unsuccessful connections has decreased, and the efficiency in detection answering machines grew to 34%. All these iterations led to a 20% increase in sales per agent.

Learn more about these success stories

If you’re interested in learning more about how these firms transformed their contact center operations, check out these case studies:

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