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VCC Live Pay

Pay safely and securely with your bank card while on the phone

VCC Live Pay was integrated to our system after receiving an international certification. Our latest development provides a breakthrough in the telecom sector and could change the telesales and debt collection market in the CEE region!


The agent and the customer agree on the required service or product, and the amount to be paid.

Regardless of the type of telephone device, the customer provides the bank card details securely and safely with the use of the dial pad.

After confirming the details, the system forwards the payment request to the accepting party through the secure payment gateway.

The bank verifies the card details and charges the amount from the customer’s bank account to the service provider.

The agent and the customer receive a real-time notification regarding the payment, and the agent informs the customer about the activation of the service or the dispatch of the ordered product.

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VCC Live services

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What is a cloud-based contact centre solution?

A cloud-based contact centre solution is a software platform that provides call centres with everything they need in order to give customers high-quality service. This means that with the installation of a single program, contact centres and their agents can provide a full spectrum of incoming and outgoing multichannel services – phone, email, SMS, and chat. The integration and maintenance of such a solution does not require any additional IT developments and investments and is easy to deploy as it only requires the installation of the software.
Cloud-based contact centre solutions represent the future of call centres. Upgrade your operations now and learn how to manage your call centre’s multichannel communications efficiently.

Why choose VCC Live?

While there are various call centre solutions available, VCC Live is one of a kind! VCC Live’s comprehensive contact centre software contains everything any multichannel call centre needs.
Our customers are automatically given access to all our software solution’s services, and we also offer all necessary VoIP-based telephone lines. Using the securely-hosted VCC Live software, you can safely start your own telemarketing service in only a few days, or extend your existing system and make it even more efficient. VCC Live is a real-time solution that makes everything visible and traceable, and provides immediate statistics and feedback. In particular, it allows you to listen into conversations and provide direct assistance to your agents.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based contact centre solution?

Establishing and managing a call centre is costly, requiring expensive one-off equipment purchases and other continuous expenses. However, by choosing the right cloud-based contact centre solution, these costs can be significantly reduced. With a cloud-based contact centre solution you do not need to invest in equipment: all you need is a computer, a headset, and an internet connection. As well as being cost-efficient, it can be quickly integrated into your work processes, and your agents and supervisors can use the service anytime, anywhere, even from their homes. As such, if you need to unexpectedly increase capacity, a cloud-based solution doesn’t require any extra investment expenses.
Whether your operators work in an office or remotely, every minute spent with work is recorded by the software and becomes easy to review.

What are the benefits of VCC Live’s cloud-based contact centre solution?

The VCC Live client is easy to personalise, allowing you to create and change IVR menu structures on your own. Thus, you can improve the efficiency of your customer service, no matter if you are managing an incoming call centre, or dealing with sales and debt collection campaigns in outgoing contact centres. Furthermore, VCC Live has developed VCC Live Pay, an innovative feature allowing safe, real-time payments to be made during phone conversations. This means that customers can safely and securely process payments using their bank cards during phone conversations with your call centre agents. This can boost the productivity of both sales and debt collection teams.
Whether you are just starting a call centre service, or already have an existing contact centre, VCC Live offers you an expert all-in-one, multichannel contact centre solution.

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