Managing inbound and outbound calls efficiently with VCC Live

Telemarketing International, based in Budapest, is the largest teleshop company in the Central and Eastern European region, with more than 7000 products in their portfolio. The company mainly offers self-developed, high-quality products, and focuses on industry sectors such as home and kitchen, fitness, leisure, beauty, and well-being.


Telemarketing International bases its daily operations on remote agents located in a number of European countries. With the previous, outdated on-premise system the company was using, aligning the work of remote agents from different countries while providing them with a system that was easy to install and use was a major challenge.

“Our agents are work remotely from several European countries. Of course, advising them remotely on how to set up their workstation was quite challenging for us. As such, we desperately needed a solution that could be run anytime from anywhere, without specific IT knowledge.” 

Tamás Nyári

- Head of IT CEE, Telemarketing International

As the biggest teleshop company in the region, Telemarketing International handles a great number of incoming calls during their TV spots aired at several European channels on a daily basis. As their customers are primarily impulse buyers, it is of utmost importance for the company to be able to pick up every single incoming call. However, with the previous system used, when there was a sudden increase in incoming calls during spot times, the company often struggled to effectively handle their incoming calls.

Blended operations are also an important part of Telemarketing International’s daily work. During spot times, agents are busy handling calls and also have to deal with after work. However, as at other times, agents are idle, the company needs to rely on efficient outbound calls to bring in extra revenue during these periods.

Finally, as Telemarketing International sends out an average of around 4000 packages per day, the company’s success depends greatly on having an efficient logistics operations. Telemarketing International, however, found that their previous on-premise solution did not provide them with an easy-to-integrate system that could allow their agents to see all customer information on one single platform.


As a business relying solely on a remote workforce, Telemarketing International needed to leverage a solution that could be easily utilized by their home-based agents. And this is where VCC Live came in. Our cloud-based solution can run on any computer and is easy to download, requiring no specific IT knowledge.

Telemarketing International also needed to be able to see the whole picture in order to be prepared for sudden increases in incoming calls during their spot times. VCC Live provided the company with an advanced wallboard, allowing them to monitor the total number of calls waiting in the queue in real-time.

In order to eliminate idle times, Telemarketing International runs outbound campaigns outside of their TV spot times. And when it comes to calling prospects, as we all know, the more people you reach, the more you can sell. VCC Live’s predictive dialer allowed Telemarketing International to significantly increase the number of people they can reach during a campaign.

And, as the largest teleshop company in the European region, trusting their operations to several systems, Telemarketing International had in their mindset that integrating these systems was key to managing their logistics in a timely manner. With VCC Live, the company was able to customize its needs regarding systems’ integration, counting with the help of a team of technical experts and key account managers.


VCC Live managed to help Telemarketing International overcame their challenges by enabling them to better manage their supply chain operations by increasing agent productivity, enabling remote work and system integrations. Thanks to VCC Live’s cloud-based software, Telemarketing International’s remote agents can now not only install the solution easily without any IT knowledge but also connect to it anytime, anywhere.

VCC Live’s predictive dialer allowed Telemarketing International to increase the numbers of reached customers by 30% during their outbound campaigns. As a result, the company is now able to run outbound campaigns with a conversion rate of up to 80%.

Furthermore, VCC Live’s advanced wallboard and reporting tools allow Telemarketing International to manage their workforce more effectively, for example suggesting call lengths to agents depending on the number of other calls waiting in the queue.

 “After starting to use VCC Live’s predictive dialer, we measured our results and could hardly believe how much our agents’ productivity has increased. Reaching 30% more customers is a real game-changer for us, we definitely managed to revolutionize our outbound campaigns with VCC Live.”

Tamás Nyári

- Head of IT CEE, Telemarketing International