Managing customer data in a 100% secure way

United Call Centers is a global leader in providing multilingual call center services and a hybrid solution combining cloud & physical contact center setups using home-based remote workforces while also having a physical brick-and-mortar contact center. The company offers front-office outsourcing solutions throughout the world, with more than 250 remote operators capable of supporting all languages.


Recently, the concept of hiring remote agents has become more popular in the call center industry. One shortcoming of this business model is that agents are, in theory, more easily able to access sensitive information on customers than if they worked in a physical call center. Thus it is an even bigger challenge than before to ensure data is handled in a secure way.

Because of this, United Call Centers’ innovative business model relying on home-based agents faced several security-related challenges. First of all, they needed a technology solution that allowed them to provide secure payment options to their customers when making payments over the phone. And secondly, as they handled sensitive customer data from clients around the world, the solution also needed to address the significant concerns being raised by their clients regarding data security at an international level.

“In order to be able to securely rely on our home-based agents, our call center needed to utilize a reliable software solution that allowed management to record, retrieve and analyze calls. Furthermore, we needed a secure payment system that allowed our operators to initiate 100% secure payments over the phone, while keeping card details confidential. These were the major challenges we needed to overcome, and the reason why we decided to turn to VCC Live.”

Oleg Lazarev

- IT Manager, UCC


United Call Centers works with Fortune 500 companies and constantly thrives to offer its partners industry-standard security measures. One of their clients had trusted them with the delivery of a 400 billion dollar customer service, telesales and technical support project in 80 countries. As the project required strict data security, they knew the time had come to find a way to resolve the challenges they were facing, and started to look for a partner who could live up to their and their prestigious partners’ high expectations.

And that partner was VCC Live. By introducing VCC Pay, VCC Live managed to provide the perfect solution they were looking for. VCC Pay allows customers to make payments over the phone in a secure way, while ensuring that agents are excluded from all sensitive aspects of the transaction procedure, including the moment when customers disclose card details. If card details are entered correctly by the customer, the system approves the transaction; if any problem occurs, agents are required to ask the customers to start the process again. The whole process takes place without the agent seeing any card details at any time. This technology allowed United Call Centers to handle customer payments without the risk that agents could misuse customer data.

“We are proud to offer secure voice connections to 150+ countries around the world with the help of VCC Live’s PCI-DSS compliant technology.”

Oleg Lazarev

- IT Manager, UCC

United Call Centers needed a solution that also supported international payments in 80 countries all over the world, so VCC Live integrated the technology offered by Worldpay – the payment gateway chosen by their clients – into its solution. Following a detailed audit on the solution, VCC Live, together with United Call Centers’ support staff, developed and implemented the new service. As VCC Pay is also a PCI DSS-compliant solution, the solution has been a perfect fit for the clients, with the result that VCC Pay is now available in 146 countries, with international payments being possible in over 126 currencies.

“VCC Live created an innovative solution that allowed United Call Centers’ prestigious partners to receive services in a 100% secure way. We were highly satisfied with the level of support we received from VCC Live during the implementation process. Their expert team was always supportive and provided solid foundations on which to implement the solution.”

Oleg Lazarev

- IT Manager, UCC

Take away

Thanks to VCC Pay’s integration with Worldpay, its technology now allows the handling of payments in many different currencies in more than 80 countries.

“Integrating VCC Live’s solution with Worldpay was a challenging and exciting project, which allowed us to provide a truly unique solution. We are honored that we managed to help United Call Centers overcome their difficulties, as well as contribute to their success.”

Elemér Erdősi

- Head of Key Account Management, VCC Live

By using VCC Live’s unique solution, United Call Centers is able to provide its client, one of the largest multinational companies in the world, with effective customer service, technical support, and telesales activities. VCC Pay allows remote agents to handle customer data without any risks, and in a completely secure manner. As a result, the company has managed to prove to its partners that its unique cloud-based contact center has the same high level of data and security compliance that is expected from traditional brick-and-mortar call center offices.

VCC Live provides ongoing support and consultancy to United Call Centers, allowing them to offer its unique solution to their clients as part of their product portfolio.