Automatic call distribution (ACD) for building great customer journeys

Level up the caller experience and boost first contact resolution by swiftly connecting customers the best agents to handle their query.

Take control of your inbound call handling

  • Boost productivity

    Improve inbound performance by connecting customers to agents best suited to handle the call.

  • Diminish wait times

    Ensure your customers are quickly connected with agents by automatically distributing inbound calls.

  • Handle peak volume

    Easily tackle high levels of inbound calls with a system that will keep peak call volumes manageable.

  • Enhance CX

    Uphold a positive caller experience and increase first contact resolution with a skills-based routing approach.

  • Improve agent morale

    Give your agents confidence by only letting them handle calls they’re trained to and improving their experience.

  • Monitor in real time

    Gain a holistic and data-driven view of all inbound calls to continuously drive informed decisions.

How automatic call distribution works

ACD is a system that automatically routes incoming calls to a specific group of agents based on your predetermined criteria, such as type of call, caller language, time of day, or caller ID.

The system uses algorithms to distribute calls evenly among available agents, reduce wait times for callers, and, ultimately, improve your contact center’s efficiency.

When an call comes in, the ACD system evaluates the call against set criteria and directs it to the next available agent in the specified group.

Level up with IVR

By linking ACD with with IVR, you can take your customer experience further by collecting additional data from the caller to always route them to the right agent. Through using just their telephone keypad, callers can provide information such as the reason for their call, account numbers, or the department they’d like to speak with.

Monitor your inbound in real time

Through combining your ACD with live dashboards, you can always keep on top of your inbound call handling performance. This includes identifying bottlenecks in your call flow and quickly resolving them to keep efficiency levels high.

What’s more, our dashboards are completely customizable – allowing you to easily structure them however you like using a simple drag-and-drop system or even including completely unique metrics.

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