SMS software for contact centers

Easily automate and send wide-scale, personalized campaigns to customers with our SMS platform.

Make the most of your messages

SMS has a huge open rate – over 90%!
Customize, automate and mass send text
messages to reach more customers than ever before.

  • Easily customize

    Quickly compose messages in just a few steps, design templates for agent use, and conduct test sends.

  • Automate SMS

    Set up SMS in line with dispositions to for triggering messages based on certain customer actions.

  • Use personalization

    Personalize SMS with any customer or campaign-specific information – from first names to account details.

  • Mass send

    Reach a wide-scale, international audience with your messages and let us provide you with the best telco rates.

  • Receive messages

    Continue dialog with customers via SMS and enable agents to pick up SMS messages on an individual or shared basis.

  • Switch channels

    Use omnichannel to instantly continue customer dialog across phone, email, and chat apps – in just one platform.

How SMS supports your teams

VCC Live’s SMS feature helps its users increase engagement with contacts in multiple ways.

Customer service

Automate confirmations and notifications to customers regarding account changes, maintenance info, surveys, appointment reminders, and more.


Send promotions and follow-ups to new and existing customers to boost sales, promote product/service launches, and increase upselling opportunities.

Debt collection

Distribute payment reminders and alerts to debtors and automate follow-up messages if calls are unanswered.

Fueling SMS campaigns around the world

  • International numbers

    Through our dedicated telco services, we’ll set you up with international phone numbers for your SMS campaigns.

  • Worldwide telco rates

    We’ll provide you with the best telco rates to support campaigns to all countries of your operations.

  • Global data centers

    With dedicated data centers from North America South Asia, you can be assured of a high-level and secure service.

Monitor SMS performance in real time

Our KPI dashboards provide a holistic insight into your contact center performance. Monitor emails and other channels in real time, make swift decisions, and motivate agents with metrics.

Build and coordinate dashboards however you want by simply adding new metrics, using a drag-and-drop system, and even creating custom KPIs that fit your unique goals.


Integrate SMS with other tools

Sync VCC Live with a huge range of CRMs and other applications to make the most of your customer data.

Our software connects with a multitude of third-party platforms and we can also support entirely custom integrations.


Client success with SMS

Ferratum is a microloan specialist with over 2 million customers. Implementing VCC Live’s platform helped them to:

  • automate personalized SMS reminder workflows
  • increase agent talk time using predictive dialer
  • integrate our solution with their existing CMS
  • achieved a 65% growth in collections efficiency

Check out the case study >

How users rank VCC vs. other providers

We’re proud to be recognized by clients as one of the best solutions around.
Check out the full G2 user rating comparison here.

VCC Live Five9 Genesys NICE
Meets requirements 8.8 8.1 8.4 8.8
Ease of use 9.0 8.2 8.9 8.8
Ease of setup 8.6 7.6 8.3 7.9
Quality of support 9.0 8.0 7.9 8.4
Partnership 9.2 8.5 8.3 8.2
Product direction 8.8 6.9 8.4 8.2

Build an omnichannel approach

Explore our contact center software’s other channels.



    Easily handle calls and provide customers with crystal-clear voice quality over digital VoiP lines.



    Full email platform to prioritize, automate, and communicate with customers.


    Live chat

    Deliver real-time, personalized support to answer queries and identify sales opportunities.


    Chat apps

    Expand your reach and connect with customers by using the world’s most popular IM apps.


    Social media

    Sync your company’s social media pages to enable digital engagement with customers.

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