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An easy-to-use, omnichannel platform stacked with intelligent features, VCC Live’s call center software is your tool for managing all inbound and outbound campaigns.

A better experience for customers and agents

Simple yet powerful. Comprehensive but never complex.

We believe contact center solutions should give users the right tools,
but also be a partnership for achieving the best possible outcomes.

This is one reason why G2 users rate VCC Live as one of the best around.

VCC Live Avaya Genesys 8×8
Meets requirements 8.8 8.7 8.5 8.3
Ease of use 9.0 8.4 8.9 8.2
Ease of setup 8.7 7.5 8.2 7.5
Quality of support 9.0 8.2 8.1 8.0
Partnership 9.3 7.9 8.4 8.1
Product direction 8.6 7.1 8.6 7.9


Elevate your inbound and outbound performance

Drive higher levels of connectivity and automation with a platform that’s built to fit the way you work.

Outbound call center

Drive higher levels of talk time and agent productivity with an automation-led platform that’s equipped with powerful outbound features.

  • Elevate talk time with automated dialers and voicemail detection
  • Automate outreach with outbound IVR and email workflows
  • Build better campaigns and set up multiple projects for agents
  • Evolve your agents with call monitoring and dynamic scripting
  • Sync your CRM and other sales tools with custom integrations


Inbound call center

Deliver greater engagement and faster resolutions with an omnichannel contact center solution that’s stacked with intelligent features.

  • Boost call quality with digital VoIP lines and wide telco coverage
  • Go omnichannel with phone, email, SMS, live chat, and more
  • Handle volume with skills-based routing and easy-build IVR
  • Gain awareness with real-time and customizable dashboards
  • Stay agile with campaign and workforce management tools


Check out just some of our features in action

VCC Live’s IVR system helps you handle more calls and better use your agents’ time by giving interactive options to your callers.

Check out the video to get familiar with what’s it like to set up, edit, and test IVR trees in VCC Live.

VCC Live gives you access to sophisticated functions which you can fully set up yourself, without involving the IT team.

For example, you can build and run automated voice campaigns with as many interactive options (IVR) as you like.

Predictive dialer initiates more calls than agents available to maximize talk time.

We’ll show you how to quickly upload your dial list, update settings, and start making calls.

Detecting voicemail is one of the best ways to ensure your agents spend time on real calls.

You can skip calls that connected to voicemail and put them on a predefined process (e.g. recording a message, or sending an SMS).

With VCC Live, it’s possible to make and receive calls without even leaving your CRM dashboard.

See how this integration looks like and how it can make your life a lot easier.

Explore some of the sophisticated settings you can customize yourself in VCC Live.

This will help you make changes without involving the IT team.

Giving teams a platform to perform

Check out our solutions for accelerating performance across individual teams.

  • Sales teams

    Connect and sell more with advanced dialers, voicemail detection, outbound IVR, and much more.

  • Customer service

    Build and orchestrate an exceptional customer experience with an automation-led, omnichannel platform.

  • Debt collection

    Accelerate recoveries using a feature-filled debt collection solution for boosting connectivity and talk time.

Driving call center success for clients

Effective Communication is a Swedish, sales-focused BPO firm. Partnering with VCC Live enabled them to:

  • Achieve 2,000 outbound agent talk time per month
  • Increase sales to 3,700 per month (avg. of 62 sales per agent)
  • Acquire a custom-build BI dashboard capturing sales in real time


Retail leader Decathlon switched from an unreliable system to VCC Live which enabled them to:

  • help customers navigate to key departments with IVR buttons
  • integrate their CRM to better handle over 700k customer records
  • create a built-in phonebook to keep all departments connected


Vodafone uses VCC Live to support their sales and debt collection activities. Our platform has enabled them to:

  • Collect 43% of all debts using over-the-phone VCC Pay in just 12 months
  • Boost “promise kept” KPI to record high levels
  • Increase customers proactively settling outstanding debts


Safeguarding clients and their customers

VCC Live ensures its data security is comprehensively robust through a number of different measures.

  • Certifications and compliance including ISO certifications, PCI DSS and GDPR compliance, and other practices
  • Cloud security measures including our global data centers, network security, business continuity, and more
  • Platform security measures including access management, product security, development protocols, and more
  • Privacy measures detailing all of the logical and operational actions steps we take to fortify privacy

Sectors we specialize in

Meeting the market’s ever-changing demands

With VCC Live, BPOs have a complete tool to manage the full spectrum of their outbound and inbound activities.

Deliver exceptional customer service, boost your outbound sales performance, and accelerate your collections – all with a fully scalable platform that’s swift to implement and easy to use.

Build a CX that drives satisfaction and loyalty

According to PwC’s Future of CX report, 80% of consumers say speed and convenience are two of the most important components of a great customer experience.

With just one platform you can resolve queries fast, empower self-service, monitor results in real time, and provide payment convenience.

Drive higher connectivity and resolutions

According to Capgemini’s World Retail Banking report, 95% of executives say legacy systems prevent their organizations from improving CX.

VCC Live’s contact center software enables you to connect with customers across any channel, resolve queries quickly, deliver a personalized experience, and keep customer data protected.

Retain and acquire more customers

According to Accenture, insurers offering personalized experienced and products see an 81% increase in customer retention.

VCC Live’s contact center software enables you to connect with customers across any channel, resolve queries quickly, deliver a personalized CX, and keep customer data protected – all with just one platform.

One platform to manage all interactions

VCC Live supports consumer lending’s important role in the global economy through our cloud contact center software – which businesses manage the full scope of their customer activities.

Reach and engage customers across all key channels, conduct fully secure repayments over the phone, and stay protected with infrastructure and certifications.

Build and manage a great patient experience

According to Accenture, two-thirds of patients have had a negative experience with a healthcare provider.

Omnichannel allows patients to manage appointments, receive reminders, and follow up to discuss plans via any channel they want. What’s more, features such as ACD and IVR help to manage high call volumes, enable self-service, and reduce wait times.

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