Auto dialer software tailored to your campaigns

Manage phone calls and maximize your agents’ talk time with the auto dialer solution that fits your purposes best.

Maximize contact center efficiency via auto dialers

Choose outbound IVR, power or predictive dialer to make more calls than ever before.

  • Power dialer

    The system dials the phone numbers in your campaign one by one, saving time on selecting the next contact and initiating the call.


  • Predictive dialer

    The system dials multiple numbers before the previous conversation ends and connects agents with real people immediately.

  • Outbound IVR

    The system runs fully automated campaigns with pre-recorded voice files and IVR options. No agents needed!

Find the auto dialer that fits your project best

Choose the right type of auto dialer based on your campaign’s goals, the size of your database and the number of agents you have.

  • Power dialer: ideal for campaigns with smaller databases and fewer agents, or for B2B campaigns where agents require more prep time before and after each call.
  • Predictive dialer: for campaigns with a straightforward script, large database and at least five agents, this is the perfect option.
  • Outbound IVR: recommended for campaigns that can be conducted without agents, as the system makes multiple calls at the same time, reaching a higher number of customers.

Learn more about our auto dialer options

Check out this video on different dialing methods including manual (preview), power and predictive dialer.

Watch this video if you want to learn how to launch predictive dialer campaigns via VCC Live.

If you’re interested in setting up fully automated outbound campaigns, be sure to check out this video.

Success stories via VCC’s auto dialer options

“After starting to use VCC Live’s predictive dialer, we measured our results and couldn’t believe how much our agents’ productivity had increased. We’re now reaching 30% more customers which has been a real game-changer for us.” – Tamás Nyári, Head of IT CEE (Telemarketing International)

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“One major advantage of VCC Live is that it’s not only easy to use but also easy to customize. The predictive dialer can be fine-tuned with only a few clicks, we can easily create our own IVR trees from scratch, and even add new menus later without having to rely on the IT department.” – Attila Domján, Planning and Forecasting Manager (Provident)

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“VCC Live makes it possible to access call data in less than a minute. It also provides tools for excellent customer care.” – Péter Fröhlich, Head of GRÁNIT Bank’s Digital Customer Service Center

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Other VCC Live features for your outbound campaign

Now that you’ve picked the right auto dialer, check out how else we can make your operation run more effectively.



    Filter out voicemails to maximize your agents’ talk time and productivity.



    Enable customers to make secure, over-the-phone payments.



    Track your most important KPIs with our customizable, real-time dashboard.

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Auto dialer questions & answers

A power dialer automatically calls contacts one by one, saving time on data selection and dialing.

In contrast, a predictive dialer initiates multiple calls simultaneously dialing more numbers than there are agents available. It filters out answering machines and connects agents with real people immediately after they ended their previous conversation.

Choosing between predictive vs power dialer comes down to multiple factors, such as the number of agents in your operation, the script of your project and the size of your database.

When conducting a political survey to encourage more people to vote, agents have highly personalized conversations to understand what hinders people from voting. After collecting these problems, they follow up with their contacts to provide a solution for them. In this case, power dialing is the best option, as it leaves enough time for agents to take notes, update the database and find the solutions for their contacts’ issues.

In debt collection campaigns, predictive dialing is recommended for various reasons. First, the database of such projects tends to be massive – waiting to be connected with a contact could add up to hundreds of hours wasted. Second, the system filters out disconnected or unanswered calls, saving even more time. Third, agents can guide customers with scripts and do not need preparation time between each call. Lastly, the length of the calls tend to be similar, which is ideal for the dialer’s algorithm.

For subscription renewals, outbound IVR is ideal. Customers can perform the necessary actions independently through the IVR interface or connect with an agent if they have complex issues. Outbound IVR is often used for reminders, promotional messages and surveys, too.

You can track the number of calls per agent, the connection rate, the average talk time and the average wait time. For sales campaigns, checking the campaign’s conversion rate is also highly recommended. Learn more about these metrics here.

For campaigns with smaller databases (a few hundred phone numbers) or less than five agents, it’s usually not recommended to use a predictive dialer. To make the most of this system, you’ll need a larger database and 5+ agents available.

Also, if your campaign consists of a mix of very short and very long phone calls, it’s better to use a power dialer, as varied call lengths may confuse the predictive dialer’s algorithm, leading to dropped calls.

Many countries penalize dropped calls to protect customers. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission set the tolerable dropped call ratio at 3%.