Robust security and extended data retention for the banking industry

Extended period

of data ratention

Less than 1 min

to access call recordings

Custom KPIs

in flexible dashboards

Explore how VCC Live helped a fast-growing player in the banking industry to maintain strict standards for security and data retention.

GRÁNIT Bank places great emphasis on excellent customer service through several of its communication channels. For VCC Live, it was a great opportunity to participate in the client’s rapid growth phase by providing a robust and secure solution for handling both inbound and outbound calls.

Ensuring legal data requirements are met

GRÁNIT Bank’s Digital Customer Service Center handles a high volume of various assistance tickets using both inbound and outbound calls depending on the client’s needs and preferences. The department is also responsible for outbound sales campaigns targeted at existing customers. All these activities made VCC Live a perfect fit to help the company optimize their operations on many levels.

One of the key considerations for GRÁNIT Bank when choosing a contact center solution was the ability to securely and effectively. Due to the specific legal requirements in the banking industry, sensitive data needs to be backtracked during fraud detection screening and provided to government authorities when necessary. Data should be stored and made accessible for 10 years.

Easily and securely storing critical records

VCC Live ensured maximum data security for all GRÁNIT Bank’s customer service operations handled with our contact center software. This is possible due to VCC Live’s API and the module for data archiving which enables GRÁNIT Bank to safely and easily record, store, download, and backtrack call recordings.

VCC Live makes it possible to access call data in less than a minute. It also provides tools for excellent customer care.

Péter Fröhlich

- Head of GRÁNIT Bank's Digital Customer Service Center

Regarding data management and security needs, VCC Live holds the ISO 27001 certificate that proves the highest standard of information and data security (also matching GDPR requirements introduced in 2018).

In addition to this, the client’s team also uses:

  • Customizable KPI dashboards for additional flexibility in performance monitoring
  • Power and predictive dialers for outbound sales campaigns
  • A multi-project management tool for streamlining activities

Fully compliant data process with added value

Using VCC Live software, GRÁNIT Bank was able to address their high security and data retention needs which are essential aspects for the banking sector. Our customizable KPI dashboards gave the client’s team additional flexibility in monitoring targets related to customer services and outbound sales.

For the activities that we pursue, VCC Live software is the best software in the country.

Péter Fröhlich