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Cloud contact center software
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According to a report by Accenture, two-thirds of patients have had a negative experience with a healthcare provider. Patients want a provider that listens, understands their needs, and provides emotional support.

The role contact center software plays in delivering this level of attentiveness has become truly significant.

Omnichannel capabilities enable a seamless patient experience in which they can, for example, schedule appointments via web chat, receive an automated SMS reminder, and a follow-up phone call or email to discuss their specific plan.

What’s more, its features – everything from IVR and ACD – have given healthcare companies tools to better manage high call volumes, enable self-service, reduce wait times, improve agency efficiency, and much more.

Taking healthcare contact centers to new levels

Delight patients and agents with better communication, automation, self-service, and more.


    1. Make patients happy

    Provide a personalized approach, reduce wait times, and resolve issues faster to grow patient satisfaction levels.


    2. Grow connectivity

    Enhance your patients’ accessibility to services and keep connected with them over the channels they prefer.


    3. Automate processes

    Diminish time-consuming tasks for agents and enable them to focus on providing quality care to patients.


    4. Empower self-service

    From booking appointments to accessing test results, give patients the ability to handle their own affairs.


    5. Boost productivity

    Stay on top of agent performance with monitoring and reporting tools to drive better patient outcomes.


    6. Enhance security

    Keep patient data protected with a robust cloud-based technology that safeguards against any potential breaches.

Protect patient data with robust security.
Move your operations to the cloud

For healthcare organizations, it’s absolutely essential to protect sensitive
patient data from unauthorized access, disclosure, and potential misuse.

Cloud-based solutions offer far higher security compared to on-premise solutions.
Factors such as encryption, access controls, regular updates and routine security audits all
help to protect sensitive patient data from unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Also, with data centers around the world, ISO certifications and full GDPR processes,
VCC Live safeguards your healthcare organization from any potential non-compliance issues.

All the tools for delivering a great patient service

Create great patient journeys

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is our call routing system for helping healthcare contact centers coordinate high call volumes and improve call handling efficiency.

The system can automatically place callers in a virtual queue, route incoming calls to the most suitable agent, and prioritize calls based on data such as the caller’s medical condition or urgency.


Easily build IVR menus for patients

Our IVR feature uses a simple drag-and-drop system enabling healthcare contact centers to build menus which precisely meet the needs of patients and boost satisfaction.

It provides a valuable self-service capability for important healthcare activities; everything from urgent care to billing. What’s more, because the process is automated, it also provides patients with 24/7 availability.

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Maintain a high level of awareness

Our real-time dashboards help healthcare contact centers by providing a comprehensive awareness of call volumes, areas for improvement, and tracking agent performance. This helps managers can make data-driven decisions, optimize agent staffing levels, and improve the patient experience.

You also have full control over dashboards through the ability to structure its layout however you like and include custom KPIs that fit the precise goals of your healthcare contact center.


Swiftly manage patient payments

With our PCI DSS certified payment solution, VCC Live Pay, agents can swiftly and securely conduct card payments during a call.

Boost payments for plans, prescriptions and more by enabling patients to pay via their phone’s keypad and within seconds the transaction is completed – all without agents having any visibility of any patient card details.

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Healthcare contact center success

Teladoc provides virtual medical consultations with licensed doctors, as well as digital prescriptions and access to medical specialists. Through VCC Live’s contact center software, we have helped Teladoc to:

  • drive higher patient satisfaction and agent retention
  • achieve an enhanced customer experience
  • transition its agents to remote in just two days

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