Call queuing to handle more inbound calls

Manage high volumes of incoming calls with a system that minimizes wait time and supports first contact resolution.

Boost your contact center’s efficiency with call queuing

Enjoy a wide range of benefits with VCC Live’s highly customizable call queuing system.

  • Improve satisfaction

    Delight your customers with decreased wait times and efficient call handling.

  • Enhance productivity

    Minimize idle time while still ensuring undisturbed wrap-ups for agents.

  • Boost resolutions

    Resolve callers’ issues the first time by forwarding them to the right agent.

  • Reduce abandoned calls

    Provide callers with estimated wait times to minimize your call abandonment rate.

  • Scale seamlessly

    The system dynamically adjusts queuing parameters during peak hours.

  • Balance workload

    Distribute calls evenly among agents to prevent burnout and maintain motivation.

How call queuing works
Your system receives an inbound call and puts the caller in a queue.
While waiting, callers can listen to music and/or announcements on estimated wait times.
Calls are routed to available agents based on highly customizable parameters.
If there are no agents available, you can give customers the option to request a callback before abandoning the queue.

Customization options for call queuing

There are many options to tailor the call queuing process to your needs. With VCC Live, you can…

  • set up next steps based on when the call is received: within or outside working hours; on a weekday or over the weekend; during workdays or holidays.
  • customize what greeting the system should play. You can also easily upload pre-recorded messages to inform callers on estimated wait times.
  • distribute calls to a group of agents to through automatic call distribution. Based on pre-set criteria, the system may take, for example, the type of call, caller language or caller ID into account when distributing calls.
  • route calls to a specific agent with the method of your choice. Choose sequential routing (relying on an agent list), skills-based routing (matching specific issues with agents who are trained to solve them) or least occupied routing (connecting the call to the agent who had the longest idle time) based on your unique needs.
  • set up advanced call handling features (such as IVR) or call queue analytics to track.

Pair call queuing with IVR

Inbound IVRs enable you to give callers interactive options to choose from. They may even include gathering information on their case to handle queries faster.

These additional parameters will ensure your customers are connected to the right agent or find a self-service option to resolve the issue without waiting in line.

By using inbound IVR, you can handle more calls, provide 24/7 support with an automated system, empower customers to handle issues on their own, and connect callers with the right agent, boosting first call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Other powerful contact center features

Monitor queues in real time

Our live dashboards enable you to keep track of your most important numbers in real time. This feature is highly customizable – you can choose from a wide range of system metrics or easily set up your own KPIs.

After choosing the metrics you’d like to track, you can easily organize them on the dashboard with a simple drag-and-drop method. Learn more about VCC Live’s live dashboards here.

Integrate VCC Live with other tools

Connect our cloud contact center solution with the tools you’re already using to streamline processes. Sync customer data with our CRM integrations, engage with customers on social media by integrating VCC Live with Messenger, or enable customers to sign documents with ease via DocuSign.

Learn more about our integrations here.

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Call queuing questions & answers

If all agents are busy or none of them are logged in, the system skips the queue and moves the caller to the next defined process. For example, a pre-recorded message can inform customers that every agent is busy at the moment, and they’ll receive a callback. You can read about other special call queuing features here.

This call routing option assigns agents to the calls which they’re skilled to handle, and has various benefits in a contact center. For example, skills-based routing enables agents to single-handedly solve callers’ issues, boosting first call resolution and contributing to higher customer satisfaction levels. It also cuts back on wait times and utilizes your agents’ talents the best way possible. Learn more about skills-based routing here.

In contact centers, this term refers to queues where callers aren’t aware of the estimated wait times or their position in the line. This is the default setting in VCC Live. If you wish to keep your customers informed on wait times, learn how to set up announcements here.