VCC Live Pay

Swift and secure customer payments over the phone

Speed up your transactions by providing customers with an instant payment method while on a call with agents.

Give customers an easy way to pay

  • Improve CX

    Remove the need for customers to set up arrangements themselves and handle all payments over the phone.

  • Stay fully secure

    With PCI DSS protection and zero visibility of card details to agents, you can be assured of an entirely secure process.

  • Boost conversions

    Don’t miss out on opportunities to close sales or upsell to your customers while they’re on the phone with agents.

  • Not just one-off

    VCC Live Pay flexes to your campaign goals by giving you the option to conduct one-off or recurring payments.

  • Empower self-service

    Allow your customers to easily manage their own transactions by connecting VCC Live Pay with inbound IVR.

  • Automate outreach

    Sync VCC Live Pay with outbound IVR to automatically reach out to specific customers for outstanding payments.

How VCC Live Pay works

01 The agent confirms the transaction with the customer and opens VCC Live Pay in our platform
02 Guided by the agent, the customer enters and confirms their card details via their telephone keypad
03 The system checks the validity of the card details and the agent confirms the transaction
04 The transaction is sent to the customer's bank and the payment is processed within five minutes

Supporting any of your campaigns

  • Customer service

    Evolving customer service into profit centers through providing a mechanism for both cross- and upselling.

  • Sales teams

    Helping sales teams to sell more by giving them a mechanism to swiftly close customer sales at the right time.

  • Debt collection

    Raising the performance of collections teams by enabling them to make recoveries while on the phone to customers.

Client success with VCC Live Pay

Transforming Vodafone’s collections

Experiencing a wave of late customer payments and a low “promise kept rate”, VCC Live Pay helped Vodafone to:

  • include an over-the-phone payment option for the collections team
  • collect 43% of all late payments in the first 12 months alone
  • increase the number of customers proactively settling debts

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Accelerating UNICEF’s donations

Struggling to handle peak call volumes during television campaigns, UNICEF used VCC Live Pay to:

  • achieve fundraising goals through first-ever phone donation process
  • include scripts to guide agents during donor calls
  • automate “thank you” follow-up emails post donations

Read the case study >

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