Predictive dialer software for maximizing agent talk time

Use this automatic dialer to supercharge your outbound campaigns. Your agents will handle more calls at the same amount of time.

Reach more customers than ever before

VCC Live’s automatic dialer initiates another call while the previous one is still in progress.

  • Only handle live calls

    Agents only start a call when the customer answers the phone. Achieve a talk time of 45 mins/hour vs. an average of 31.8.

  • Cut abandoned calls

    Our dialer’s connection speed helps you to achieve an abandoned call rate under 3% vs. an average of up to 20%.

  • Easily manage contacts

    You can import a new contact list for your campaign or sync with your existing database using our CRM integration tool.

  • Quickly tweak settings

    Choose from our predefined templates or simply modify an call parameter settings to best suit your campaign’s needs.

  • Reduce call costs

    By focusing more on quality over quantity, your business will diminish its encounters with unnecessary calls.

  • Combine with tools

    Connect the dialer with our other features – such as voicemail detection and automated SMS – to ensure every call counts.

How our predictive dialer software works
When you launch your campaign, the software begins a cycle of continuous dialing. It's proactively reaching out in search of available customers. The dialer initiates more calls than number of available agents to maximize answer rates. The more the dialer is used, the more it learns the optimal number of calls to initiate.
A customer answers the call and the agent receives a sound notification that a new connection has been established. The agent is immediately connected to the call and the conversation can begin. Even while predictive campaigns are active, you can modify any of the dialers settings and they will instantly take effect.
The agent is now in the process of handling their call with the customer. In the background, the predictive dialer continues to dial and search for other available customers. Should the dialer establish connection with a new customer while the agent is still on the call, the system will automatically distribute the call to an available agent.
The agent wraps up their call with the customer and is subsequently connected to the next available call. The predictive dialer settings give you total control over almost any parameter, including how much time you give agents to complete after-call work and dispositions before they're entered into a new call.

Easily modify predictive dialer settings

Our software gives you complete control over your predictive dialer settings. You can select from our ready-to-use templates based on your campaign’s needs and then easily modify any of the specific parameters yourself to continuously improve performance.

Our selection of templates include:

  • Default for standard operation of the predictive dialer
  • Consistently brief calls for quick, successive call campaigns e.g. telesales projects
  • Brief and long calls equally for diverse call lengths e.g. phone surveys where response lengths tend to vary
  • Mostly brief, occasionally long calls for outbound sales projects where more consultative selling can occur

Dive deeper into the predictive dialer’s settings and tweak any of the parameters to best fit your campaign. Just some of the modifications you can make include:

  • Dialing strategy to prioritize the order of your dialed contacts (e.g. importance or sequential)
  • Maximum call volume to limit how many simultaneous calls are being made (although our algorithm can help you optimize this)
  • Managing callbacks based on customer and agent availability

What customers think of our predictive dialer software

“After starting to use VCC Live’s predictive dialer, we measured our results and couldn’t believe how much our agents’ productivity had increased. We’re now reaching 30% more customers which has been a real game-changer for us.” Head of IT CEE, Telemarketing International

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“VCC Live’s predictive dialer is super easy to set up and we can change the settings without involving IT. Our supervisors can modify during the campaign, allowing them to fine tune the dialer as the team processes the database.” Call Center Manager, Protocall

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“I would highly recommend VCC’s predictive dialing system. It is simple and effective and helped us to increase active talk time significantly. It’s definitely contributed to a boost in employee satisfaction, too.” Telecommunications Director, Studio Moderna

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