Switching to Remote Work with VCC Live in a Number of European Countries


Ideal work environment

for remote agents

Instant switch

to remote operations

20% increase

in Active Talk time

Studio Moderna is a leading multichannel and multibrand retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, with a vertically integrated-network reaching more than 360 million consumers in 21 countries. The company mainly offers self-developed, high-quality products in several industry sectors, including kitchenware, footwear, health, beauty, diet and more. www.studio-moderna.com


As one of the largest telesales companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the company’s main challenge is to consolidate different market characteristics, as well as diverse legislation, language and infrastructure demands, under one corporate structure. In such a business environment, unified and uninterrupted operations are vital.

As with most industries, the telesales market was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Studio Moderna, which employs a huge contact center workforce, was no exception. As the pandemic developed, the need to switch to remote work in order to be able to smoothly continue operations became ever more urgent. However, none of the multiple solutions the company relied on supported remote work.

Furthermore, as the company utilized on-premise solutions, business continuity was a substantial challenge for them in times of uncertainty such as those caused by COVID-19.


As with the majority of other companies in the industry, Studio Moderna decided to migrate their operations to the Cloud, thus allowing their agents to work from home. VCC Live helped the company make the most of the opportunities provided by a cloud environment, helping them set up a system in several European countries within only a few days, and giving them the means to instantly switch to remote work as required.

“Despite the lack of time due to the fast-moving Covid-19 situation, the implementation process went smoothly, without any downtime. VCC Live’s team also offered and delivered great support to us during the set-up of the system as well as afterwards.”

Bojan Lah

- Telemarketing Director, Studio Moderna

After the initial set up, VCC Live also offered continuous support and consulting services to the company, including in-depth training on the software and market trends.

“As Studio Moderna is one of our most prestigious clients, we decided to set up a dedicated team of key account managers, developers, customer service and sales professionals to ensure that moving their operations to the cloud and serving the company’s different requests in each country went flawlessly.” 

Attila Szűcs

- Sales Director, VCC Live

In particular, VCC Live’s solution has helped Studio Moderna increase the effectiveness of outgoing calls, which are an essential channel for them to reach prospects – and as we all know, when it comes to calling prospects, the more people you reach, the more you can sell. VCC Live’s predictive dialer has allowed Studio Moderna to substantially increase the number of people they can reach during a campaign, resulting in the company’s Active Talk Time being significantly raised.


VCC Live has helped Studio Moderna overcome their remote work-enabling challenges. Thanks to our flexible cloud-based software, the company was able to instantly switch to remote operations in several of their European branches, thus mitigating the unpredictable business environment during the COVID-19 outbreak which was affecting many of their markets.

With remote work slowly becoming the “new norm” in the contact center industry, Studio Moderna was ready to embrace this latest workforce model with VCC Live. As Bojan Lah said, with VCC Live, their operators are not only able to continue to carry out their tasks but can also work from wherever they wish and feel safe.

“Thanks to VCC Live, the transition to the Cloud was fast and simple, with no loss of focus on business. All our markets using VCC Live managed to keep their core business performance indicators above expected levels. At the same time employee satisfaction ranked at high levels even during the transition, which is probably the best indicator that VCC live is a trustworthy solution.”

Bojan Lah

- Telemarketing Director, Studio Moderna

Last but not least, VCC Live’s predictive dialer allowed Studio Moderna to increase their efficiency by 20% during their outbound campaigns. Bojan Lah added: “We are also able to explore the benefits of the predictive dialing system, which I would definitely recommend. It is simple and effective and helped us to increase Active Talk Time significantly.”