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Maximizing Outbound Calls with a Customizable Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are nothing new in the call center industry. As a predictive dialer can easily double call efficiency, there aren’t many call centers that haven’t started utilizing the technology yet. However, while it is true that excellent results can be achieved with a predictive dialer, they can only be achieved if you have the right settings in place.

When it comes to using predictive dialer technology, finding the golden mean is key. Starting too many calls during a certain period of time will result in a great number of calls being lost, and customers becoming irritated. On the other hand, initiating less calls than there are available agents will decrease your call center’s efficiency.

At the same time, from an agent point of view, an increased number of calls could potentially lead to agent burn out, while if you start too few calls during a certain period of time the result will be high levels of agent idle time.

So, implementing a predictive dialer is one thing. But it is only fine-tuning the dialer that will make the difference, and allow you to get the most out of your outbound calls. This is exactly how Protocall achieved success with their outbound calls using VCC Live’s predictive dialer.


Being Hungary’s leading outsourced call center, Protocall faces daily challenges. The company works with a huge number of outbound campaigns (from telesales to debt collection to telemarketing), all of which require unique settings.

Serving companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries, Protocall deals with many kinds of projects, from small campaigns carried out by a dozen agents to massive telemarketing campaigns requiring considerably large amounts of agents. The number of agents working in a campaign can often change over the course of a day, while the databases the company receives from their clients vary in quality. As the company handles such diverse campaigns, having the right dialer settings for each project is key to the requirements for their success.

In addition, as Protocall’s operators often call customers during the day, calls are often answered by voicemails. And as agents tend to listen to these voicemails rather than terminating the call instantly, this can potentially take up a lot of time, thus costing the company a lot of money. As such, a solution which allows them to maximize their agent efficiency is vital.


Based on their requirements, Protocall has chosen VCC Live’s highly customizable predictive dialer for their needs, allowing their supervisors to fine-tune the dialer based on campaign-specific needs, and thus have full control over each project.

With VCC Live, Protocall can fine-tune settings at any time based on the quality of the database they are working with and the number of agents working on the campaign. Thus, for example, if less agents are working in an afternoon shift than in a morning shift, supervisors can slow down the dialer as required with just one click to make sure agents are able to handle calls effectively.

One major KPI for any call center is the number of successful calls per hour. For Protocall, who often works with databases containing up to 80,000 records, every second counts. With VCC Live’s intelligent predictive dialer, Protocall is able to set the maximum number of calls the dialer can initiate at the same time, based on the average time which elapses between agent calls. The more idle time agents have between two calls, the more calls the dialer starts.

VCC Live’s intelligent predictive dialer also helps with Protocall’s after call work efficiency rates. After finishing a call, agents normally switch to after call work status to make relevant notes. The time needed in after call work depends on the campaign, and of course, spending too much unnecessary time in after call work decreases a call center’s efficiency. With VCC Live’s predictive dialer, Protocall can start calls even when operators are still in after call work. By doing this, the company can save on time agents unnecessarily spend in after call work, allowing the company to achieve the highest levels of efficiency possible.

In addition, Protocall also benefits from the voice mail detection feature offered by VCC Live, enabling them to filter out and save agent time by immediately terminating calls answered by a voice mail.


With VCC Live, Protocall now benefits from a predictive dialer technology that is easy to set up and use, and can achieve their highest efficiency by reaching the maximum number of records per hour.

“VCC Live’s predictive dialer is super easy to set up and we can change the settings without involving the IT department. With the previous system I used, I had to wait sometimes for days until the IT team was able to deal with my setting requests. With VCC Live, our supervisors can change settings at any time during the campaign, allowing them to fine-tune the dialer as the team processes the database.”

Arnold Vancsók

- Call Center Manager, Protocall

Since using VCC Live’s predictive dialer, Protocall has also been able to significantly increase their agent efficiency by customizing the dialer based on each campaign’s unique parameters.

“The predictive dialer settings are easy to understand. We’re definitely reaching our highest numbers of successful calls per hour with VCC Live.”

Arnold Vancsók

- Call Center Manager, Protocall

Using VCC Live’s machine detection function, Protocall was able to detect and terminate around 600 calls answered by voicemails during a week of a campaign handled by a dozen agents. These 600 calls equal approximately 9 hours that agents could spend dealing with calls answered by customers instead of listening to voicemails. Normally working with databases up to even 80.000 records, the amount of time saved on filtering out calls answered by voicemails has brought amazing levels of efficiency results to Protocall’s activities.

About Protocall

Founded in 2011, Protocall is the leading outsourced call center in Hungary, offering a wide range of inbound and outbound call center activities for companies and enterprises of every size around the world, including financial institutions, collection companies, insurance companies, webshops, retailers and so on.