Overcoming the challenges faced by an outsourced contact center


Maximized calls

with predictive dialer

Vastly improved

resource management

Wait time diminished

with voicemail detection

Read how outsourced contact center, Protocall, was able to optimize their resource management and reach new levels of successful calls with VCC Live’s built-in features.

Protocall is a large outsourced contact center provider serving more than seven million customers per year.

As one of Hungary’s leading multi-activity contact centers, Protocall works across a huge volume of varied outbound campaigns – from telemarketing to debt collection.

Struggles with multiple diverse campaigns

The sheer volume and diversity of campaigns handled by Protocall and the continuous resource management of agents meant they wanted to inject agility into their approach. Also, customer contact data they receive from clients often dramatically varies in terms of quality.

To overcome these challenges, Protocall sought a new dialer that was highly adaptable, intelligent, and completely self-manageable.

What’s more, Protocall agents were also encountering a high number of voicemails during outbound calls which equated to a significant amount of wasted call time.

Adopting a new, versatile dialer

Protocall selected VCC Live’s predictive dialer with an aim of transforming their outbound call operations. The system is always dialing to ensure the agent has another customer ready before they conclude their call.

While a stream of successfully connected calls is invaluable for outbound setups, Protocall wanted to ensure that the volume of calls was consistently manageable given their resource management challenges. Therefore, the ability to precisely control the dialer’s settings was key.

Using the predictive dialer, call volumes can be increased or decreased based on factors such as:

  • Agent availability and average wait time between calls
  • The volume of customer records in the contact database
  • The quality of the data within the contact database
  • The amount of time agents are spending on after-call work (ACW)

Call volumes can be instantly changed by supervisors or the process can be entirely automated with the dialer’s purpose-built algorithms.

“VCC Live’s predictive dialer is super easy to set up and we can change the settings without involving the IT department. With the previous system I used, I had to wait sometimes for days until the IT team was able to deal with my setting requests. With VCC Live, our supervisors can change settings at any time during the campaign, allowing them to fine-tune the dialer as the team processes the database.”

Arnold Vancsók

- Call Center Manager, Protocall


In addition, VCC Live’s voicemail detection was also seen as a highly useful feature for Protocall. Voicemails are immediately identified by the system and the call is terminated, allowing the agent to quickly progress to the next call and thereby diminishing wait time. The feature also includes an option to leave an automated voicemail message while the agent has already moved to their next call.

Optimal resource management and call levels

Since using VCC Live’s predictive dialer, Protocall has also been able to significantly increase their agent efficiency and management by customizing the dialer based on each campaign’s unique parameters.

“The predictive dialer settings are easy to understand. We’re definitely reaching our highest numbers of successful calls per hour with VCC Live.”

Arnold Vancsók

- Call Center Manager, Protocall


In just a couple of days of using the voicemail detection feature, Protocall was able to identify and terminate around 600 calls answered by voicemails which equated to an estimated 9 hours’ time saved.