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Read more on how tbi Bank was able to hit new levels of contact center excellence

Tbi bank offers consumer finance and business lending to more than 1.4 million people across Europe. As the most profitable bank in Bulgaria over the last three years, its aim is to become a digital bank providing online and mobile solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In line with the bank’s technical evolution, tbi recognized the need to improve its outdated call center system which was hindering their ability to provide great customer service.

Call handling and data woes

Tbi Bank receives a high volume of daily inbound calls. However, their system struggled to efficiently handle them – particularly during peak hours – which was driving a stream of negative feedback. What’s more, their incumbent system was unable to provide the accurate customer call data needed to report on both their KPIs and SLA.

Taking control of calls and reporting

VCC Live worked with tbi bank to address two key objectives:

  • High-volume call handling: Through the implementation of our cloud-based system, tbi was able to easily accommodate its peak number of calls
  • Real-time customer data: As our system incorporates real-time analytics, tbi was afforded a way to accurately report on all of the customer-focused KPIs

In addition to the above, our cloud-based solution means tbi can access the software anytime and anywhere, without having to pay for constant maintenance.

“VCC Live’s software is really an easy-to-use solution. We’re very happy that we can do everything by ourselves and we are not dependent on the IT department.”

Darya V. Kotseva

- Customer Service Director, tbi bank

Hitting new levels of contact center excellence

  • Tbi Bank can now monitor processes real-time, allowing them to continuously handle over 95% of their incoming calls.
  • They can continuously monitor their critical KPIs and SLA, including number of calls in queue, in progress, handled, abandoned, and call disposition
  • With a host of call data available, teams can accurately estimate peak periods and manage their workforce accordingly
  • Since April 2019, the company has improved efficiency by over 50% and customer experience has also risen exponentially

“VCC Live had a great impact on our business. Since April, we haven’t received a single complaint about unanswered calls.”

Darya V. Kotseva

- Customer Service Director, tbi bank