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Maximizing the efficiency of incoming calls with VCC Live

TBI Bank is a next-generation bank with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, offering simple and convenient products and services in the field of consumer finance and business lending to more than 1.4 million customers across Europe. Recognized as the most profitable bank in Bulgaria in each of the last three years, TBI Bank competes with the largest players with the ambitious goal is to become a digital bank with a wide range of online and mobile solutions for consumer finance and lending to small and medium-sized enterprises.


As a major bank operating in Bulgaria and Romania, TBI Bank receives a great number of incoming calls on a daily basis. However, as they used an outdated system, the company was not able to efficiently handle these calls, receiving constant negative feedback from customers about unanswered calls.

Furthermore, as with the previous system it was difficult for TBI Bank to measure and analyze their data, the company could not leverage from any customer information that could help them improve their SLA. As a result, the company often failed to efficiently handle incoming calls during peak times.

Without seeing the whole picture, TBI Bank was constantly struggling to find out how to be more effective and what to change in order to improve their processes.


Implementing VCC Live’s cloud-based solution in Romania and Bulgaria has made all the difference, allowing TBI Bank to access the software anytime and from anywhere, without having to pay for constant maintenance.

“VCC Live’s software is really an easy-to-use solution. We’re very happy that we can do everything by ourselves and we are not dependent on the IT department.”

Darya V. Kotseva

- TBI Bank

As they deal with customer service, sales, and telemarketing activities, TBI needed a solution that was able to provide them with accurate reports in order to be able to monitor the market dynamics and analyze real-time customer information. Luckily, VCC Live comes with powerful real-time reporting and monitoring features, allowing TBI to see the whole picture.

Thanks to VCC Live, TBI Bank can now monitor all of their KPIs in real-time, including their SLA, the number of calls in queue, calls in progress, handled calls, abandoned calls, the max time in queue and also call disposition.


By choosing VCC Live®’s cloud-based software solution, TBI Bank has overcome the challenges they were experiencing.

Thanks to VCC Live’s detailed real-time reports, TBI Bank can now monitor processes real-time, allowing them to handle 95% of their incoming calls. Furthermore, by being able to analyze their data, the company can inform internal teams about upcoming peak periods and manage their workforce accordingly.

As a result, since April 2019, the company managed to increase their efficiency by at least 50%. Furthermore, as customers can now reach them, TBI Bank’s customer experience improved tremendously:

“Since we implemented VCC Live, it has had a great impact on our business. We are now able to handle 95% of our incoming calls, which greatly enhanced our customer experience, and we can safely say that our efficiency increased by at least 50%. Since April, we haven’t received a single complaint about unanswered calls.”

Darya V. Kotseva

- TBI Bank

“Working with TBI Bank has been particularly exciting as we were given the opportunity to help improve several processes of an international bank. We look forward to expanding our cooperation with TBI Bank in the future.”

Norbert Simán

- Customer Success Manager