Voicemail detection system

Use VCC Live’s automatic dialer enhanced with a self-learning Answering Machine Detection (AMD). Skip voicemail encounters and automate handling with prerecorded messages and SMS.

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Avoid the 80% of calls that go to voicemail

Our voicemail detection feature swiftly identifies and skips over voicemails
– allowing your agents to maintain focus on active calls.

  • Increase talk time

    Reducing voicemail encounters will keep your agents productive with meaningful calls and minimize wasted time.

  • Automate handling

    Enhance CX with an prerecorded message or personalized SMS message – instead of just another missed call.

  • Boost agent morale

    Make your agents happier in their role by giving them more focus on connecting with customers and finding solutions.

  • Automate callbacks

    Ensure you don’t miss out on any potential customers by automatically rescheduling calls previously answered by voicemails.

  • Gain data insights

    Grow your awareness of how many voicemails your agents are encountering and use analytics to improve campaigns.

  • Make cost savings

    Wasted minutes per agent can quickly add up. Make their time on the phone count and leave voicemail handling to automation.

How voicemail detection works

VCC Live’s voicemail detection automatically identifies and handles voicemails, while simultaneously progressing your agent to the next call.

It uses audio analysis to detect up to 20 different typical sounds or patterns of voicemails to maximize its accuracy. This includes length of silence, beeps, background noise, and standard voicemail greetings.

On identifying the voicemail, it is handled by your chosen predefined, automated process. This can be a prerecorded message, personalized SMS, or even both – depending on which settings you select.


Why voicemail detection is made for you

Our voicemail detection feature uses machine learning to continuously improve its accuracy in identifying voicemails.

When used in test mode, it trains on unique voicemail indicators of the particular countries or telecom providers that your outbound calls are going to.

The more the system is used, the more it continues to learn and adapt, resulting in increased accuracy over time.


Automated voicemail handling is up to you

Assign to a project

Set up the system to automatically transfer voicemail calls to any chosen project – e.g. callbacks.

Transfer to a process

Choose to automatically enroll voicemail-bound calls into a process – e.g. prerecorded message.


“We achieved great results with voicemail detection, reducing encountered voicemails by 30%.
This meant more time for agents to handle “real” calls and overall higher efficiency for the whole team.
With VCC Live, we’re now able to detect two-thirds of calls answered by a voicemail system.”

Debt Collection Manager, 4Finance

Case Study

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