Telco Services

Below we detail how VCC Live supports its customers through providing
them with their required phone numbers, global coverage, and more.

Meeting your telco needs

As a leading contact center software provider, it’s critical that we meet
our customers’ telco requirements for their business communications.

Our telco capabilities are in place to provide customers with both
1) country-specific phone numbers and 2) global telco coverage.

Together with you, we conduct the full setup to meet your telco needs
and remain on hand to shape your telco solution whenever required.

Providing you with numbers and coverage

Numbers in over 120 countries

VCC Live provides its customers with DID (direct inward dialing) numbers. This allows our client businesses to have multiple phone numbers associated with a single SIP trunk (a virtual connection using the internet to send voice and data traffic).

Through our trusted network of DID partners, we can swiftly provide customers with numbers across the globe to give businesses a global, yet local, presence.

All of your teams and agents can have their own dedicated DID numbers. This helps to enable better call routing, distribution, tracking, and more.

Coverage around the world

To meet our calling demands of our clients, VCC Live has a comprehensive network of over 20 global telco partners.

Our partners give VCC Live and our customers extensive access to telco carriers around the world. This means you can conduct the highest quality of calls to anywhere while using competitive rates.

What’s more, we offer clients further benefits such as dropped call prevention, which will automatically switch carriers to the next best alternative should your coverage encounter any issues.

How we support our clients

  • 5600 +

    DID numbers provided

  • 8000000 +

    call minutes per month

  • 211

    country codes called

  • 260000 +

    texts sent per month

Want to bring your own carrier?

While we pride ourselves on offering the all the numbers and coverage you need, we also understand that businesses can have unique telco needs and trusted carrier relationships. This is why we offer the flexibility of a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) integration with our contact center solution.

To support this, we ensure VCC Live’s platform is fully configured to effectively communicate with your carrier’s network. This also includes any future changes such as changing or adding additional carriers.

Your telco questions answered

A DID number is a virtual telephone number that enables businesses or individuals to have multiple phone numbers associated with a single phone line or trunk (a virtual connection using the internet to send voice and data traffic).

These numbers are often used in voice over IP (VoIP) systems; a technology that is used by VCC Live’s contact center software.

DID numbers have several benefits including streamlining communication, improving tracking, and increasing geographical reach.


VCC Live can provide DID numbers in 65% of the world; equivalent to around 120 countries.

This level of scope is afforded to us by our trusted network of DID partners.

Below is a breakdown of geographies and our associated DID number availability in each region:

  • Europe: 91%
  • Africa: 40%
  • Asia: 60%
  • Asia Pacific: 50%
  • Middle East: 69%
  • North America: 87%
  • South America: 83%

The process of procuring country-specific DID numbers is fast and straightforward.

Customers request which geographical region they require the DID number for and VCC Live does the rest.

How quickly new DID numbers can be obtained depends on several factors. However, for example, DID number procurement for Europe and the US takes around 1-3 days.

The cost for a new DID number depends on the country it’s for.

For each new DID number, there is a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee.

A SIP trunk is a virtual communication pathway that enables voice over IP (VoIP). This allows you to make and receive calls over the internet – as opposed to using traditional phone lines.

As VCC Live is a cloud contact center software (CCaaS) platform, we use SIP trunks and VoIP to give our client businesses internet-based communication solution. This holds significant benefits compared to traditional phones lines, including cost, scalability, and routing and handling calls.

Our telco coverage is worldwide and we can provide call rates for any country across the globe.

Through our extensive network of telco partners and carriers, we’re able to give you limitless reach while aiming to keep rates as competitive as possible.

While we aim to provide the most competitive call rates possible for every country around the world, our rates fluctuate depending on various factors.

However, the advantage of maintaining such a wide telco network is that customers can easily switch between carriers whenever they want.

Yes. Through our bring your own carrier (BYOC) option, client businesses can use their own telecommunications provider as part of our solution.

VCC Live will work to ensure our platform is fully configured to effectively communicate with your trusted carrier’s network.

Want to learn more?

Contact VCC Live to discuss your telco requirements
as part of our cloud contact center software solution.