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How are you driving a positive CX?

According to PwC’s Future of CX report, 80% of consumers say speed and convenience are two of the most important components of a great customer experience.

VCC Live’s contact center software enables retailers to provide a swift, resolution-focused service to its customers through features and channels designed to boost satisfaction and drive loyalty.

With just one platform you can resolve queries fast, empower self-service, monitor results in real time, provide payment convenience, and much more.

One platform to deliver a great retail experience

Enable higher levels of connectivity, achieve efficiency through automation, and consistently meet targets.


    1. Improve service

    Build an omnichannel experience, introduce self-service, and resolve customer queries fast – all with just one platform.


    2. Integrate freely

    Use out-of-the-box and custom integrations to easily sync your CRM and other trusted business tools with our software.


    3. Drive productivity

    Automate manual tasks to enable agents to focus on the customer and give them the tools to provide a better service.


    4. Easily scale

    Easily scale up and down in line with market demands and use data to guide resource decision-making.


    5. Boost analytics

    Gain a real-time view into your retail performance and even create custom KPIs to match your precise needs.


    6. Enhance security

    Safeguard customer data with a cloud-based solution that’s ISO certified and GDPR compliant.

Features to delight customers and agents

Take CX further with omnichannel

Consumers want an easy and swift retail experience. Whether it’s for new or repeat customers, omnichannel software helps to keep consumers happy with a smooth and personalized buyer journey.

  • VoiceCalls using digital lines for crystal-clear quality
  • EmailBuilt-in email with mass sends and workflows
  • SMS:  Automate notifications to keep consumers updated
  • Live chat: Real-time support to boost resolutions and sales
  • Chat apps: Sync with the messaging apps to grow connectivity
  • Social: Increase interactions on company social pages


Resolve queries fast

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is our call routing system for speedy customer service and efficient issue resolution.

The system automatically places callers in a virtual queue and routes incoming calls to the most suitable agent. This helps keep wait times low, first call resolution high, and your customers happy.


Empower self-service

Our intelligent IVR system allows customers to direct their own calls, provides personalized menu options based on CRM data, and even enables them to resolve their own matters in a convenient way.

Whatever the reason for the customer’s contact, you can easily build menus for them to handle their own queries which preserves agent time for more pressing issues.

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Monitor results in real time

Our KPI dashboards provide a holistic insight into your contact center performance. Monitor CX in real time, make staffing decisions based on data, and motivate agents with metrics.

You can also build dashboards however you want by easily reorganizing your dashboard layout and even creating entirely custom KPIs that fit your unique retail goals.


Provide payment convenience

Give customers an easy way to pay with VCC Live Pay: our swift and secure over-the-phone payment option.

Using just their telephone keypad, customers can enter their card details and make purchases while on a call to agents. Boost your conversion rates, help agents to sell more, drive upselling opportunities, and even set up recurring payments.

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Integrate with your trusted tools

Through our out-of-the-box and custom integrations, you have the possibility to sync with a huge range applications.

Enable a smooth data flow between VCC Live and your trusted tools, take your customer experience to new levels, and make agents’ lives easier by seamlessly connecting all applications.


Safeguarding your customer’s data

The processing and storage of vast amounts of consumer data – from card details
to purchase logs – is naturally of paramount importance in the retail sector.

VCC Live’s cloud-based software provides robust security through measures such as
encryption, access controls and regular updates to protect data from potential breaches.

Also, with data centers around the world, ISO certifications and full GDPR processes,
VCC Live further safeguards your retail organization from any potential non-compliance issues.

Retail leader Decathlon switched from an unreliable system to VCC Live which enabled them to:

  • help customers navigate to key departments with IVR buttons
  • integrate their CRM to better handle over 700k customer records
  • create a built-in phonebook to keep all departments connected


Online retailer Outfittery wanted to understand its customer interactions to better personalize its CX. VCC Live helped them to:

  • analyze customer communication activities across all channels
  • introduce an omnichannel solution for personalized interactions
  • realize its most effective sales channels to shape its strategy


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