Modern Contact Center Solutions for a Digitally Savvy Younger Generation

Diákhitel Központ Zrt. (Diákhitel), Hungary’s leading student loan company, has been helping students fund their higher education studies since 2001. The company offers three types of student loans, all with very reasonable interest rates. Two of their products have a 0% interest rate, while the interest rate of the third product is below 1,99%.


As a company offering student loans, Diákhitel’s clients are mainly from the digital and tech-savvy Generation Z. In order to successfully serve their young client base, Diákhitel needs to rely on the kind of flexible and modern technologies that can live up to Gen Zers high expectations.

Diákhitel previously used a number of different systems in order to be able to handle their customer queries. In particular, they relied on one system just to record their calls, and another one to generate identification numbers for each call. As a result, operators had to work using two screens, and switch between several software tools. Furthermore, in addition to having to use different systems, their previous system did not have any reporting features, meaning they had to manually register their call reports in excel sheets.

Due to their very young client base, one essential channel for Diákhitel is their self-service IVR system. However, with their previous call center system, even the smallest change in the IVR needed to be carried out by an IT specialist hired just for this reason. And of course, maintenance fees were extremely expensive. Last but not least, troubleshooting times with the previous system were very slow, with issues often taking several days or even weeks to resolve.


As a business serving a digitally savvy young generation, Diákhitel needed to choose a system that could offer them the latest technology solutions in the contact center industry. As their client base prefers to reach out via their IVR, it was particularly important for the company to be able to easily customize and change their complex IVR system’s settings. Having thoroughly investigated all the options available, Diákhitel soon realized that VCC Live was the only solution that would allow them to change IVR settings on their own.

In addition, due to their clients’ high expectations, Diákhitel takes excellent customer experience very seriously. Luckily, VCC Live offered them the ideal tool to be able to handle all their quality management processes on the same platform.

Furthermore, as with most companies around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic situation meant that, to continue their operations, Diákhitel had no option but to switch to a remote working environment. Thanks to VCC Live’s real-time monitoring and reporting features, the transition from office to home office went very smoothly, and the company continues to be able to oversee their operators closely and effectively.

“Even though I am now sitting in front of my computer at home, I can easily track each operator’s call status, and I can see who is on a break and how long they have been on a break. I can also see who has been in an active call for too long, and I can even whisper in to help out an operator. We can carry out our Quality Management processes here, and also create client-based and operator-based reports in the system. Basically everything can be handled on the same platform.”

Krisztina Diák

- Call Center Manager, Diákhitel


VCC Live managed to help Diákhitel overcome their challenges by enabling them to rely on a cloud-based solution that allows them to easily change their IVR settings, closely monitor their operators and carry out quality management processes within one system. Thanks to VCC Live’s customizable IVR system, Diákhitel can now easily change their settings based on their customers’ often changing expectations.

“The majority of our customer interactions are handled through our IVR system,” added Krisztina Diák. “VCC Live’s system allows me to easily upload an audio file or change the menu structure. As we’re constantly trying to improve our IVR experience, it is of the greatest importance for us to be able to change the settings.”

With our quality management tool, Diákhitel can now also easily carry out NPS surveys twice a year. These surveys are vital for the company, as they provide continual feedback for their operators, while also keeping customer satisfaction levels higher than ever. The surveys are conducted through their IVR system, offering customers the chance to initiate a call back to share their experiences about their interactions with the company.

Last but not least, Diákhitel no longer needs to manually register their call reports in excel sheets. All call logs are automatically saved in VCC Live, and operators can also mark whether customers were satisfied with the service they received or not. If not, supervisors automatically receive a notification, or operators themselves can ask supervisors to listen to a recorded call.

“We’re definitely planning to use VCC Live for the long term. Due to our young client base, it is essential for us to rely on modern technology such as that which VCC Live offers. Amongst other things, we’re very interested in the company’s video identification feature, and we hope that we can soon add this function to our IVR system.”

Krisztina Diák

- Call Center Manager, Diákhitel