Working with UNICEF to transform call management and speed up donations

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Read how VCC Live partnered with UNICEF Hungary to introduce their first contact center solution enabling the agency to efficiently handle high call volumes and over-the-phone donations.

UNICEF is a United Nations agency providing humanitarian aid for children across the world.

Without a contact center setup in place, UNICEF Hungary needed a solution to efficiently manage inbound donor calls and a means to easily and securely facilitate payments. VCC Live worked with UNICEF Hungary to completely modernize a crucial part of their day-to-day activities by introducing our contact center platform.

Missing out on potential donations

Prior to partnering with VCC Live, UNICEF Hungary did not have a contact center solution in place to support their everyday operations. As their activity grew, so did their volume of calls. Whenever a TV advertisement was shown, they would receive an influx of calls which couldn’t always be handled and guaranteeing callbacks was a constant challenge.

What’s more, they wanted to establish an easy and secure way of collecting over-the-phone donations.

Setting up the agency’s first contact center solution

As part of the new contact center platform, VCC Live worked with UNICEF to introduce an interactive voice response (IVR) menu to better manage inbound calls. This included a function for addressing wait time for potential donors. In the case of no agents being available, an automated message would provide an option of continuing to wait or to schedule a callback via their telephone keypad.

A pivotal feature was the inclusion of VCC Live Pay as this enabled UNICEF to facilitate quick, easy and secure donations over the phone. VCC Live holds the highest-level PCI DSS certificates, making VCC Live Pay one of the most secure instant payment methods. We worked with the agency to include pre-written scripts and an on-screen payment option within the platform for agents’ use during the donation process. Donors can submit their card details via their phone’s keypad during the call and agents can approve the payment without seeing any sensitive data.

What’s more, all conversations are now also securely recorded with a built-in voice recording feature. If at any point the call audio is required, it can be downloaded by an authorized admin or supervisor directly in our platform.

Finally, agents are now also able to automate emails to donors based on the call’s disposition (the outcome of the call) – e.g. a personalized thank you email following the collection of a donation.

Faster donations and better call handling

Following the implementation of our cloud contact center solution and feedback from UNICEF Hungary, the agency can now conduct swift and secure donations thereby contributing to the agency’s fundraising goals.

With VCC Live’s IVR and callback features, UNICEF has been able to efficiently handle peak times after television ads – primarily due to the function enabling the distribution and management of high inbound call volumes. 

Finally, the pre-written script and on-screen payment option has helped agents to handle incoming donation requests with more ease and confidence.