Case study

Fast and Secure Donations Over the Phone with VCC Live Pay

UNICEF is a nonprofit United Nations agency. The main goal of UNICEF is to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, help meet their basic needs, and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential, thus giving every child a chance to be healthy, educated, and protected. 

UNICEF Hungary is primarily concerned with fundraising that helps children living in areas affected by conflict and disaster, and who have no access to clean drinking water and food. They also protect Hungarian children living in poverty, suffering abuse or confronted with other adverse circumstances. 


Before implementing VCC Live in 2017, UNICEF Hungary did not have a contact center solution in place to help them with their everyday operations. The organization often experienced peak call times, with calls usually arriving at the same time, for example right after a TV advertisement had been shown. However, without a system in place, UNICEF was not able to handle all these incoming calls and guarantee callbacks.

Moreover, it was important to find a way to make collecting donations over the phone easier, while at the same time protecting the security of both the donor and organization.


Adopting VCC Live in 2017 enabled the UNICEF Hungary team to totally revolutionize the way they handled inbound and outbound calls. 

After the organization’s software onboarding training, they set up an IVR menu for their incoming calls. Whenever their number is called, a friendly voice advises callers if all agents are busy. If potential donors don’t wish to wait for an agent to become available, they can ask for a callback simply by pressing a button on their dial pad. 

Conversations are now recorded with the built-in Voice Recording feature. If a donor needs this sound file, supervisors can download it from the CDR log inside the VCC Live app. There is no need to involve VCC Live customer care for this. 

During conversations, the UNICEF Hungary team uses pre-written scripts. This serves multiple purposes: 

First of all, it helps agents with obligatory requirements. For example, informing callers that the call is being recorded and that they can ask for a copy of the recording if they wish. 

Second, the script is used as a contact form, to get all the donor’s necessary details and permission for further contact. 

Third, the agents can collect payments using the script. To make it fast, easy, and secure, UNICEF implemented the VCC Live Pay feature.

VCC Live holds the highest-level PCI DSS certificates, making VCC Live Pay one of the most secure instant payment methods. Donors can submit their credit or debit card data via their phones’ touchpad during the phone call, and agents can approve it without being able to see any sensitive information. 

As well as calls, UNICEF Hungary also takes advantage of VCC Live’s action-triggered email sending function. This means that when agents choose a specific disposition at the end of the call, an email is automatically sent to the donor.


“Since the breakout of COVID-19 in Hungary, UNICEF has delivered a total of nearly 150 thousand EUR of computer equipment, PPE, hygiene and cleaning products, food, and toys to 77 institutions caring for children.”

Mónika Nemcsek


Thanks to the implementation of VCC Live, UNICEF Hungary can now process donations faster and reach its fundraising goals more easily. Using VCC Live Pay, UNICEF has collected hundreds of unique and recurring donations to date.

With VCC Live’s IVR and callback features, UNICEF has been able to optimally handle peak times after television ads, because now they can distribute and manage a large number of incoming calls. 

The pre-written script and on-screen payment option help agents handle incoming donation requests with more efficiency and confidence.