Skills-based Routing with VCC Live for Smooth Customer Interactions

In partnership with a number of local and international insurance companies, Teladoc Hungary offers a wide range of telemedicine services and provides health claims management.


As a company offering healthcare services to many customers, it is of utmost importance to be able to provide quick, smooth, and high-quality customer care services every hour, every single day of the year.

Handling particularly high inbound call volumes, it is always challenging to be able to route callers to the best suitable consultants who are able to help with their questions. In all cases, Teladoc Hungary strives to provide the best possible service to its ever-growing customer base, and it has always been a challenge to reduce average waiting times and provide the right capacity to handle calls.


As a business strongly relying on their inbound calls, Teladoc Hungary needed to leverage a secure and scalable cloud-based call center solution that could allow them to better allocate their workforce to make sure their clients receive the help they need in the possibly shortest period of time. VCC Live’s modern call center software offered a wide range of features that helped Teladoc Hungary to take their customer service experience to the next level:

Skills-based routing allows the company to route calls based on competencies and therefore guarantees that calls are handled by the most suitable consultants.

Real-time monitoring enables supervisors to immediately react to peak periods by transferring resources from one queue to another.

Advanced, detailed reports greatly help the company better schedule their workforce and closely monitor the quality of their consulting services.

“The real-time monitoring greatly helps our work as it allows us to better allocate our resources. For example, if one queue is too busy, the supervisors can react immediately and assign extra workforce to that queue to be able to handle each call.”

Zoltán Magyar

- Customer Service Director


VCC Live managed to help Teladoc Hungary by enabling them to better manage their workforce by leveraging the advanced features of a modern call center solution. Using VCC Live’s cloud-based software, Teladoc Hungary can provide fast, smooth and highly professional consulting services over the phone.

“Besides our customers, our consultant colleagues are also very happy with VCC Live. The system really made our consultants’ job easier, and everyone is happy to use it, especially as VCC Live’s customer support team is always there to help us whenever an issue arises.” 

Zoltán Magyar

- Customer Service Director

Similarly, to other companies, Covid-19 is the biggest challenge Teladoc Hungary had to face in 2020. Luckily, by using VCC Live’s cloud-based system, Teladoc Hungary was among the first companies that was able to immediately react to the virus by switching to remote work with all of their employees.

“The transition to remote work took as little as 2 days, without our clients experiencing any issues with our services. Since then, thanks to VCC Live, we were able to provide our clients with the same quality of customer care, but from home.”

Zoltán Magyar

- Customer Service Director