The Three New Pillars of Successful BPO-Client Partnerships


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By 2030, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is projected to reach a global market size of $525 billion – propelling itself to over double its current value in 2022. While the prospect of capitalizing on this growth is enticing for all service providers, a BPO’s success hinges on its ability to adapt and evolve its client partnership model.

In this eBook, we use the latest industry research to identify and explore the three most important factors that we feel will be critical to the success of future BPO-client partnerships.

1/ Outcomes: Providing value beyond the obvious

While the core benefits of outsourcing will always be coveted by clients, how they value their BPO partnership is becoming centered on the achievement of outcomes. In this section, we discuss this trend in more detail, look at using an outcome-based approach, and explain how everybody can win.

2/ Digital: Becoming an enabler in a new age

Traditional outsourcing has been overtaken by digital BPO services, meaning providers need to explore ways to digitize their offerings and operating models so as to not get left behind. In this section, we examine the market’s digital transformation, discuss new ways of working, and feature a relevant BPO success story.

3/ Hybrid: Shaping the business to fit demand

What it means to be a “hybrid” BPO can be vague, but adaptation and flexibility are hugely important to enriching client partnerships. In this section, we explore two facets of hybridity concerning outsourcing models and staffing, and also look at a client success story using a hybrid sourcing framework.

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