User States

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User states indicate the system state of individual agents. Read about monitoring user states in the User State Log section.

User sate Description
Afterwork Afterwork includes all tasks agents handle after a call ended, including selecting a disposition, updating CRM information, writing remarks, and more.
Available Agents are available to receive calls.
Call Agent is in call.
Prework Prework includes all tasks agents handle before a call connects, including updating CRM information, writing remarks, and more.
Ringing The called party has not answered the call yet.
Unavailable Agent is logged in to the VCC Live® Desk, but is not logged in to a project.
Waiting for Call Connecting agent to the other party.
Waiting for Recall A state before agent is moved to available state. The system checks if the agent has any callbacks.

Note: the system does not route calls to agents in afterwork, call, prework, ringing, unavailable, waiting for call, and waiting for recall states.

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