Dialing Modes

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A dialing mode can be either automated or manual. In automated mode, it defines how the system selects records that are to be called. In manual mode, calls are placed manually by an agent. Read about outbound calls in the Outbound Calls section.

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Dialing mode Description
Manual In Manual mode, the agent selects the next record to be called from the Records list. This mode is recommended for projects that have long pre-call preparation times. Records visible to one agent are not visible to others. This is the least efficient dialing mode.
Power In Power mode, the system automatically initiates as many calls as there are number of available agents.

  • When the system successfully reaches a customer, it automatically connects the customer to an available agent. This mode guarantees that all agents are kept in a call.
  • If a call is unsuccessful (a customer is unavailable), the system automatically dials the next record, and the call is saved as a shared callback, without the agent having to do anything.
Predictive In Predictive mode, the system automatically initiates more calls than number of available agents. An advanced algorithm takes into consideration the average talk time, number of currently available agents and percentage of reached records. It ensures the highest agent utilization, with an average talk time of up to 45 minutes per hour.
OutboundIVR Outbound IVR is used to automatically establish connections between customers and the system without involving an agent. This mode includes a voice recording played to clients, reading the client’s balance and payment due date, call direction to an available agent or answering machine feature, etc.

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