Security Considerations

When customers make a payment using VCC Live Pay, they provide their debit card details via their phone’s keypads. To prevent decoding, DTMFs (dual-tone multi frequency) are filtered when the customers enters their details. Data is transferred directly to the relevant financial partner, and is not shared with the agent or disclosed in any way during the procedure.

Note: It may happen that sensitive information is disclosed by a customer to an agent by accident. See To Handle Information Leak.

Table of Contents

To Handle Information Leak

  1. The agent should immediately inform the customer.(1)
  2. The agent should let their supervisor know about the incident as soon as possible.
  3. You should restrict and limit the number of users who have access to the voice recording. Read about managing user rights in the Managing User Right Groups section.
  4. You should contact your VCC Live representative or our Customer Care team for further support.

(1) Depending on the specific circumstances, the agent may also suggest that the customer change their PIN. However, this may be unneccessary if card details have not been fully disclosed.

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