Real-time Monitoring

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You can monitor user status and inbound/outbound calls in real time.

Note: Read more about the available monitoring options in the Logs, Monitoring and Statistics section.

Tip: Add or remove additional information columns by using the Column selection icon button.

Table of Contents

To Monitor User Status

  • From the VCC Live® menu, select Monitoring > Real-time monitoring, then refer to the Users pane.

Tip: Change the window layout by using the VCC Live change layout button button.

To Filter User Status

  • You can filter user status by typing in a name or username in the user textbox, or by using the dropdown lists.

To Monitor Outbound and Inbound Statistics

  • From the VCC Live® menu, select Monitoring > Real-time monitoring, then see the Outbound and Inbound panes.

To Listen Into a Conversation

To Change Agent Status

Transferring Agents Between Projects

You can remotely transfer agents between projects.

Note: When transferring agent users between projects, only those projects are displayed that a user is assigned to.

Tip: When switching agents’ projects, you may send them a pop-up message with a previously setup message.

To Invoke The Agent Transfer Worksheet

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select Monitoring > Real-time monitoring
  2. From the Change status or project drop-down list, select the Move agent(s) to another project option.

Note: When an agent user that you want to transfer is using a break code, the transfer will take place once the user returns from AUX. If an agent user is in Unavailable state, the transfer won’t take place.

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