Project-Independent CDR Search

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The project independent CDR search allows you to search CDR (Call Detail Record) logs.

Note: Read more about the available logs in the Logs, Monitoring and Statistics section.

Table of Contents


search criteria description
1. Source Caller’s phone number.
2. Destination Called party’s phone number.
3. UUID The unique UUID for an individual call.
4. Short ID Individual record ID.
5. Agent The agent who handled the call.
6. Date Time interval and minimum talk time filter.

VCC Live Project independent CDR search screenshot

Tip: You can enter multiple numbers (separated by a comma(,), semicolon(;) or linebreak(enter)) in the source and destination text fields.

To Access Project Independent CDR Search

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select Logs and statistics > Project independent CDR search.
  2. Enter the desired search criteria.
  3. Press Search.

To Filter Log Entries Based on Minimum Talk Time

  1. From the VCC Live® menu, select Logs and statistics > Project independent CDR search.
  2. Enter the desired search criteria.
  3. Enter a value in the Minimum talk time (s) field.
  4. Press Search.

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